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AI for Good: How AI is changing our world

Perspectives on AI’s impact on the world

Artificial Intelligence is already having social and economic impact across the globe. In this series, hosted by AI for Good, a United Nations platform to advance AI for social good, we will feature insights from Deloitte thought-leaders on how AI will advance sustainable development.

100 ways AI will change our world

Beena Ammanath, Executive Director of the global Deloitte AI Institute, recently discussed an inclusive approach to AI innovation. She highlighted 100 ways AI is being used and can be used to change the world – for good! The second half included an engaging discussion with invited speakers to highlight global examples of AI used for good in different regions across the globe. This talk highlighted perspectives on a technologically-driven world, and the work to ensure that AI brings benefits to companies, industries and societies.

Assisting doctors with Rita, an AI tool that helps reduce clinical admin

While national and global shortages of clinicians continue to increase, studies show that up to 20% of clinician’s time is still focused on administrative tasks. This AI for Good Perspective features Sunny Dosanjh, a Healthcare AI and Data Leader at Deloitte UK, who together with his team set the goal to reduce clinical admin tasks by creating an AI tool called Rita. Find out how AI is assisting doctors to focus more on their patients and reduce the impact of the clinician shortages.

Working with WWF to fight deforestation with AI and satellite data

This AI for Good Perspective invites Sulabh Soral, who leads the Deloitte AI Institute UK, to discuss a project to fight deforestation. The Deloitte Impact Foundation in support of the WWF, focused on predicting deforestation in yet unharmed regions using data from satellites. Using satellite imagery, Deloitte is able to analyze the potential impact of deforestation based on information such as the distance to water sources, cities, and other factors. Find out more about this innovative project!

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