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An innovative approach to recruiting and admissions in higher education

Using Workday Recruiting and Admissions to support virtual higher education recruiting events

Higher education institutions are experiencing growing concerns about declining enrollment accelerated by the economic effects of COVID-19. As a result, colleges and universities are embracing virtual events to engage prospective students. With the right tools and the help of Deloitte, colleges and universities can be better equipped to address their recruitment goals.

Reimagining recruiting in higher education

COVID-19 is having a significant impact on many industries, and higher education is no exception. In spring 2020, institutions pivoted quickly to virtual learning and operations, but challenges persist as the pandemic continues. College recruitment is a key area of concern, as recruiters work to fill classrooms in an environment impacted by the global economy and health concerns. Students may choose not to enroll, to delay their enrollment, or choose institutions closer to home or online. These shifts may have a lasting impact on college enrollment post-pandemic.

To address the issues posed by COVID-19 and help overcome the risk of reduced enrollment, colleges and universities are reimagining the recruiting process. Prospective students may still receive many emails and brochures through the mail, but they may no longer be able to visit campuses or attend off-site recruiting events. Without the ability to offer a typical college visit experience or even a traditional freshman year with in-person onboarding, Greek life, or sporting events, institutions should take strategic steps to reach out and connect virtually with prospective students. Outreach and communications with prospective students should therefore be reimagined, and virtual platforms can help simulate and amplify the college experience.

Workday Recruiting and Admissions offers several tools and features that make it easier to manage virtual events that help replicate an on-campus experience. Utilizing the virtual recruiting events functionality will streamline planning and consolidate events into one campaign. An admissions office can map events in their existing Workday solution by planning virtual events, creating a recruiting campaign or virtual Workday event, targeting additional events to attendees, and hosting events for admitted students. This functionality allows recruiting and admissions officers to focus on the most important part of their job—the students.

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An innovative approach to recruiting and admissions in higher education

Utilizing Workday’s functionality

Workday Student can be leveraged to manage virtual recruiting events and help institutions communicate with potential new students. Workday’s Recruiting and Admissions functional areas offer many tasks to help organize recruiting events. Campaigns and engagement plans can be configured to facilitate targeted communications and events. It is easy to set up, can be customized for each event, can help improve student outreach, and makes for efficient reporting and follow up.

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Colleges are hosting virtual events to help prospective students learn more about the university and its unique experience. Utilizing Workday Student’s virtual event functionality allows colleges to easily track events, record attendance, and manage follow-up to help boost their enrollment.

A proactive approach

Although the landscape for this academic school year and beyond remains uncertain, colleges are embracing virtual events to engage prospective students. These events allow higher education institutions to reach a broader population of students, connect in an online environment, add flexibility, and reduce costs. Using Workday Recruiting and Admissions virtual event functionality allows higher education institutions to organize these events, target specific populations, and connect to students on a more personal level. With the right tools, colleges are better equipped to address their recruitment goals now and into the uncertain future.

To learn more about using Workday Recruiting and Admissions to plan, manage, and follow up on virtual events planned by your college or university, download and read the full article.


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