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Amid rapid, disruptive change we believe that every company has become a technology company. Gain insights from Deloitte’s published articles in leading business and technology publications that delve into new research and share perspectives from leading companies applying technology’s promise for the future.

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Building board relationships: The CIO’s playbook
CIO | April 4, 2019
CIOs can improve their standing with the business by getting cozier with their board members. But that involves an investment in time for conversations outside the boardroom.

Why AI-fueled organizations hold the competitive upper-hand
Information Management | April 3, 2019
Throughout the marketplace today we see emerging technology trends disrupt the status quo in mind-blowing ways.

Super friends: IoT, AI and cloud create a powerful team
IOT Agenda | March 25, 2019
What do blockbuster movies have to do with IoT? More than you might think.

Three things that will help you leverage AI
Inc. | March 15, 2019
AI is the transformative technology of tomorrow, but leaders need to get it up and running today. Here's how

Technology and the Boardroom: A Q&A with Deloitte’s Khalid Kark
FEI Daily | March 14, 2019
Technology is a crucial part of business strategy, boards and management teams may need to elevate their engagement and collaboration with each other. FEI Daily spoke with Khalid Kark, CIO Research Director at Deloitte Consulting about the power of ongoing conversation, the three avenues for having strategic technology conversations, and why is it so important that companies have a tech-savvy board.

A NoOps state of mind
SD Times | March 13, 2019
The emergence of serverless computing is causing organizations to revisit the notion of NoOps for their development processes.

The drone-powered solution: The sky's the limit
IOT Agenda | March 13, 2019 
We’re fast approaching a time when the internet of things connects everything, and drone-powered solutions are emerging as important contributors to the movement, revolutionizing industries with safer, more cost-effective — and heretofore impossible — ways of collecting data.

How CIOs can influence the board
Information Week | March 6, 2019
Technology is now a strategic asset of the enterprise, providing the competitive edge that's needed for success in the market. But just how smart is your company's board of directors when it comes to technology?

AI investments will separate leaders from laggards this year: Deloitte
Digital Insurance | February 14, 2019
Scott Buchholz, chief technology officer, Government and Public Services, and emerging technologies research director at Deloitte Consulting says companies across all industries are quickly jumping on the artificial intelligence and machine learning bandwagon for gains in employee productivity and operational cost reductions.

2019 is the year AI investments will distinguish leaders from laggards
Information management | February 13, 2019
With all the hype and headlines around so-called “emerging” and “disruptive technologies” it can be hard to know just how many organizations are pondering or implementing them, and what the payoffs have been for the early adopters.

Serverless: The future of cloud computing?
CIO | February 13, 2019
Serverless marks the next leg of the cloud journey as CIOs further abstract infrastructure and operations in pursuit of greater business agility.

Prepare for Fourth Industrial Revolution Tech
InformationWeek | February 12, 2019
The Fourth Industrial Revolution has arrived with the emergence of new technologies. Is your company ready to join in?

Deloitte Consulting has identified six tech trends as the next wave of aspirational change for organizations
eWeek | January 30, 2019
Find out how new developments in AI, ubiquitous connectivity, cybersecurity–and even the transformation of “boring” network tech into exciting stuff–will better position CIOs and IT to help business teams achieve strategic goals.

Six hot IT leadership trends—and six going cold
CIO | January 28, 2019
IT leadership is changing nearly as rapidly as technology itself. Successful tech executives are shifting toward initiating strategic change rather than acting as trusted operators, as the CIO role sees greater emphasis on leadership skills related to digital transformation over keeping the lights on.

The CTO of one of the biggest consulting firms says CEOs and directors are beating a path to his door to get up-to-speed on the latest tech trends
Business Insider | January 23, 2019
Bill Briggs and his technology team at Deloitte are meeting much more frequently these days with CEOs and corporate directors.

Why diverse IT teams have a competitive edge
Enterprisers’ Project | January 15, 2019
New Deloitte data shows the business importance of diversity and inclusion on IT teams. What are the leadership lessons for CIOs.

Tech in business: Shifted from a tactic to the heart of strategy
Fox Business | January 15, 2019
Deloitte Consulting CTO Bill Briggs on the key trends in technology that could transform business.

The future of business tech: Six trends that will define the next two decades
TechRepublic | January 15, 2019
AI-driven organizations and a serverless world are two major tech trends of the future, according to Deloitte's 10th annual report.

Align KPIs for IT with corresponding business goals
Tech Target | December 7, 2018
IT operations is under increasing pressure to provide meaningful key performance indicators to business managers.

How to identify the top digital transformation consulting companies
IT Business Edge | November 30, 2018
A digital business transformation is arguably the most difficult endeavor any organization is likely to embark on.

What it takes to be a true transformational CIO
CIO | November 27, 2018
The CIO role has undergone significant change as organizations transition into digital enterprises.

Six practices of influential IT leaders
CIO | October 29, 2018
In an era of continual business transformation, influence is a key leadership skill to lean on —one that must be developed and honed for success.

Embedded IT global talent to define future of IT jobs
Tech Target | October 19, 2018
As more businesses identify as tech companies, what's the future of IT jobs?

The CIO's new mission: Change agent
Forbes AI | September 21, 2018
Interview with Bill Briggs, Chief Technology Officer, Deloitte Consulting LLP

The CIO’s new job: Teach everyone to speak tech
Enterprisers’ Project | September 10, 2018
CEOs are now asking CIOs to instruct the entire organization to speak tech fluently in the digital age.

Wanted: CIOs to master digital strategy at the vanguard of change
CIO | September 5, 2018
A new breed of CIO has emerged as those who master digital strategy and are recognized for it by their business peers. Deloitte discusses key attributes of these “digital vanguards.”

Today’s CIOs, by the numbers: Nine telling stats
Enterprisers’ Project | August 23, 2018
How is the CIO role evolving? Are CIOs truly shaping digital strategy? Deloitte’s 2018 global CIO survey offers instructive data.

Why CIOs aren’t developing and executing a digital strategy
Enterprise Mobility Exchange | August 23, 2018
From a technology role to a business role.

How the role of the CIO has changed in the digital era
TechRepublic | August 21, 2018
The CIO's role has grown in complexity over the years. Here is how it's changed and where it is going.

Anthem taps RPA, AI in digital transformation push
CIO | August 21, 2018
The health insurance company is using robotic process automation to balance data center workloads as part of CIO Tim Skeen’s effort to make IT operations more nimble for stakeholders.

Six tips for creating a winning talent strategy
CIO | August 20, 2018
Talent may not be the only factor for transforming IT for the digital era, but it’s one of the most critical.

Building inclusive teams gets more attention from CIOs
TechTarget | August 20, 2018
Conversations about gender and racial equality aren’t just happening in the political and social sphere, they’re also happening in the C-Suite.

Deloitte CIO survey: Traditional CIO role doesn’t cut it in digital era
TechTarget | August 17, 2018
New findings from Deloitte show CIOs are not evolving with the times. More than half are stuck in 'trusted operator' mode, which is quickly becoming obsolete.

CIOs are ‘trusted operators’ but some need to polish their leadership skills
CIO Dive | August 14, 2018
Many CIOs rose to their position based off their IT talent rather than their leadership and communication skills.

CIO gender diversity: Smashing the glass ceiling
CXO Talk | May 11 ,2018
Although women are gaining ground in information technology, the chief information officer role in IT is still a male-dominated position.

60 percent of tech companies working to eliminate biases, recruit and hire women
TechRepublic | April 11, 2018
Half of tech professionals say that gender parity within IT is increasing at all levels, according to a TechRepublic exclusive Deloitte survey.

Digital reality: Changing how we interact with data
Fox Business | February 26, 2018
Digital reality can help break down geographic and systemic barriers, Deloitte shares how it will transform the way we experience the world and interact with data.

Exploring the digital potential in core operations
Fox Business | February 26, 2018
Driven by digital innovation and an emerging trend that approaches change more broadly, Deloitte shares how organizations will soon undergo transformations at their core.

How to bridge the CIO-CFO divide in your organization
TechRepublic | February 12, 2018
CIOs and CFOs often experience friction over the budget needed for technology projects. Here’s how the two can better work together.

Blockchain technology may change the world, but what are the risks?
The Street | February 9, 2018
Bitcoin’s incredible price swings have gotten blockchain technology in the news. But what’s at stake when everything heads to a distributed ledger? Experts weigh in.

A quarter trillion dollars is at risk when bitcoins crashes—and that’s just for starters
Axios | December 11, 2017
“Blockchain is coming. The question is how fast,” Deloitte’s Eric Piscini shares on blockchain strategies with Axios.

Will blockchain remake the enterprise?
IT Business Edge | December 8, 2017
According to Deloitte’s Tech Trends 2018 report, blockchain is among a host of recent developments that are causing the enterprise to veer away from technology-centric operational models to more holistic approaches.

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