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Latest media coverage

A quarter trillion dollars is at risk when bitcoins crashes—and that’s just for starters
Axios | December 11, 2017
“Blockchain is coming. The question is how fast,” Deloitte’s Eric Piscini shares on blockchain strategies with Axios.

Will blockchain remake the enterprise?
IT Business Edge | December 8, 2017
According to Deloitte’s Tech Trends 2018 report, blockchain is among a host of recent developments that are causing the enterprise to veer away from technology-centric operational models to more holistic approaches.

Deloitte: These tech trends will create the symphonic enterprise
ZDNet | December 7, 2017
A hybrid-human machine workforce within two years is one of several predictions in Deloitte’s just released Tech Trends 2018 report.

Predictions 2018: Why blockchain is ready to break out in the enterprise
eWeek | December 6, 2017
Blockchain is here, and it will continue to gain traction as it provides transparency to the supply chain—especially in complex supply chain industries such as automotive and retail.

Report: Artificial intelligence is creating jobs, generating economic gains
ZDNet | November 13, 2017
New study from Deloitte shows that early adopters of cognitive technologies are positive about their current and future role.

New CIO? Your transition playbook in 10 (not-so-easy)
CIO Australia | October 6, 2017
There is no one-size-fits-all playbook for CIO transitions. But new research from Deloitte, which has helped roughly 200 CIOs slide into new roles over the past five years, offers tips for IT leaders making this crucial transition.

Three CIO survival lessons: 'Step up or step aside'
ZDNet | September 16, 2017
New research from Deloitte sheds light on essential advice that CIOs need to survive and thrive in these turbulent times.

What electrification means for the margins on cars
Bloomberg TV | September 14, 2017
Scott Corwin, Deloitte managing director, discusses the electric-car industry with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang on "Bloomberg Technology".

Why (and how) businesses should prepare for “exponentials”
Fast Company | August 16, 2017
Emerging technologies with an exponential impact to match their exponential evolution. Bill Briggs, Global CTO of Deloitte Consulting, shares.

The profound impact of IoT digital twins in supply networks
Iot-Inc. | August 11, 2017
Listen to the IoT Business Show podcast with Deloitte’s Lane Warshaw and Aaron Parrott as they discuss the digital twin and its profound use in the digital supply network.

A cognitive solution for a data dilemma
Fast Company | August 3, 2017
Machine intelligence promises to help resolve a rapidly emerging problem. Bill Briggs, Deloitte Consulting's Global CTO, explains.

Mixed reality: Where the virtual world and IoT collide
Forbes | July 5, 2017
Bill Briggs, Global CTO at Deloitte Consulting, explains how mixed reality is transforming the way we interact with technology and the virtual world.

Deloitte CTO Bill Briggs is bullish on human workers
Axios | May 8, 2017
Axios sat down with Bill Briggs, Deloitte Consulting's Chief Technology Officer, to learn how we can expect our workplaces to change as a result of powerful new technologies.

Briggs on making sense of tech for business
Bloomberg | May 4, 2017
Listen to Bloomberg radio to hear Bill Briggs, Deloitte Consulting's Chief Technology Officer discussing the evolving changes in tech, such as virtual reality, and what companies need to know to keep up.

Supporting and protecting the mobile enterprise: Think big
TechTarget | April 18, 2017
The risks associated with mobile devices are significant. Read what Deloitte Consulting’s CTO, Bill Briggs and other tech leaders have to say about making mobile work.

How Dark Analytics holds the secrets to a company’s achievement
Fast Company | April 7, 2017
Bill Briggs, global Chief Technology Officer of Deloitte Consulting LLP, explains the three categories of untapped data that make up Dark Analytics and explains why companies should be utilizing it now.

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