Application Management Services Automation

Outcomes-driven, not technology obsessed.

Deloitte approaches IT Application Management Services (AMS) automation differently. We focus on what really matters: We’re outcomes-driven, not technology obsessed. This means understanding the digital maturity of the organization and helping define core automation objectives. Deloitte has been out in front of automation for years, and we are a market leader. We build bots that automate processes, not tasks. Looking at a process end-to-end can help uncover true automation potential and returns.

Accelerating application management services automation—Time to break out the bots?

A compelling option continues to emerge in IT AMS, fueled by advances in robotic process automation (RPA), cognitive computing, machine learning, and other forms of artificial intelligence (AI). AMS automation is rapidly expanding beyond the realm of existing IT service management (ITSM) tools to include a new generation of robotics that minimize the amount of human intervention in the workflows, analysis, and solutions associated with AMS, and help drive business value in new areas and improve application performance.

This Deloitte point of view reviews the history of AMS automation, introduces six imperatives driving development of new AMS automation tools, and offers key principles of AMS automation that can help companies in their pursuit of better, faster, and cheaper AMS.

Three dimensions of application management services automation

Automation of IT AMS has the potential to produce many different outcomes, depending on the automation strategy an organization chooses. Several factors drive many automation initiatives: service improvement, speed, cost optimization, risk reduction, innovation promotion, and business value generation.

Before launching an automation initiative, it is important for organizations to determine their digital maturity and develop a clear rationale for why they want to automate; these factors can be used as guideposts. Once objectives are clearly defined, three dimensions of the automation picture should be considered: what application management services can be automated, how each process should be automated, and when it should be deployed.

This Deloitte point of view explores those three dimensions to help IT executives and business stakeholders develop their automation road map.

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