Application Modernization: Transformation Services

Fully automated migration of legacy code

Organizations that rely on legacy applications often face challenges like systems incompatibility, high costs, and a shortage of legacy coders. This impedes their ability to effectively integrate new technologies and processes to solve today’s business requirements. Transformation, our fully automated migration solution, takes a proven, low-risk approach to help transform legacy code.

Transformation Solution | Deloitte’s Application Modernization and Migration

A solution for legacy code modernization

Transformation helps streamline the modernization process. It employs fully automated migration software to convert legacy code such as COBOL, Natural, PL/1, and CA Gen to Java and .NET. The software then migrates the code to a modern open-systems environment.

This process, known as refactoring, can help organizations update legacy applications without altering functionality. From here, they can take the first step toward adopting the cloud and other technologies that are essential to a modern, integrated IT ecosystem.

Application Modernization: Transformation

The potential business benefits of transformation

Transformation converts and migrates legacy code from costly mainframes to an open-systems platform. As a result, you no longer have to operate and maintain the mainframe, which can generate savings in hardware, software licenses, and IT staff. These cost savings can be allocated to future growth initiatives rather than simply “keeping the lights on.”

Additionally, the converted code mirrors legacy code, making it familiar for developers to use. This unified code can also help improve the productivity and accuracy of the development team. Because the user interface is preserved, users require nominal training.

Transformation enhancements occur in parallel tracks to help deliver early and incremental results. This can help you achieve measurable benefits in as little as 12 months, depending on the scope of the project.


The right tools, team, and experience

Deloitte’s proven transformation methodologies and technologies are supported by the experience and skills of a cross-industry, global team dedicated to delivering modernization. For each project, we assemble a collaborative team that has a unique combination of industry experience and specialized technical skills. Our application modernization studios in Austin, TX, and Senden, Germany, help deliver efficient and consistent support from a central location. As a single-source provider, Deloitte manages all team activities as part of the workstream.

These capabilities make Deloitte specifically positioned to help you plan and implement a low-risk modernization initiative that is aligned with your current and future business needs.

Transformation is a critical step toward application modernization. It can enable you to start adopting the cloud and other technologies that are essential to a modern, integrated IT ecosystem.

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