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Josh Rosenbaum

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Josh has more than 15 years of management experience in the for-profit, not-for-profit, and public sectors. Josh is also a member of the federal practice and has spent the past six years assisting financial services, law enforcement, and defense clients carry out their missions. He also has experience as the senior finance and administration professional for the venture arm of a large international scientific society, where he provided seed capital as well as financing and business development knowledge to early-stage biotech and technology ventures, and helped them plan for growth.

A few notable engagements include:

  • Monitored the corporate events and transactions of defined benefit pension plan sponsors and provided financial analyses to enable the agency to mitigate risks to its insurance program and increase overall plan funding levels
  • Managed a team performing independent evaluations of the financial capabilities of bidders for more than $1 billion security services contract
  • Oversaw program management for a $40 million+ contract with more than 70 professionals and was responsible for ensuring compliance with security clearance, onboarding, and site visits requirements, in addition to managing project budgets, staffing plans, financial projections, reporting, and invoicing
  • Advised more than 50 person team assisting with the development and deployment of a multibillion-dollar mandate to improve and modernize efforts to identify and remove from the US serious criminals who are judged deportable
  • Supervised more than 20 person team supporting the rapid development and deployment of a program whereby state and local law enforcement officers are trained to carry out federal immigration enforcement activities. He also provided strategic, financial, operational, and technology guidance and support that enabled the agency to sign agreements with more than 60 agencies and train more than 1,000 officers
  • Aided in several investigations, including a review and analysis of $13 million in discrepancies in intercompany balances between a parent and its subsidiary and an internal audit review of the disbursement process following the surfacing of  more than $500,000 in counterfeit checks
  • Participated in the testing of accounts and internal controls for a multiyear, multibillion dollar restatement of audited financial statements; assisted audit teams of publicly-traded companies with fraud brainstorming sessions in the retail sector


  • Josh is a Certified Fraud Examiner and has active Top Secret Clearance within the Department of Defense and BI/NAC with up to Secret Eligibility within the Department of Homeland Security


  • B.A., University of Arizona
  • M.B.A., University of Maryland
Josh Rosenbaum