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Courageous Principals

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The single biggest impact on the future of your community will be made by the children who are in its schools right now. It’s important, then, to bolster what shapes their performance, what makes them stronger and more capable, what influences their ability to lead. Turns out, to a large degree, it’s their principal. Because principals influence the learning environment—teachers, curriculum, facilities, tools, parent involvement, and more. The better and more capable principals are as leaders, the more resourceful, instructive, and effective our school systems become.

    Courageous Principals

    From Insight to Action is a program consisting of Deloitte’s robust leadership development curriculum with a focus on relationship-building, communication, and influence. It connects principals from school systems across the country with top leaders in business, the public sector, and not-for-profit organizations for a series of learning experiences that produce break-through thinking and action supporting systemic change. Our vision for the program is that principals will use what they learn in two ways. First, they will use it directly in their day-to-day jobs and by doing so, will lead better. And, second, they will share what they learn with their teachers, creating a ripple of leadership into the community.

    Download to learn why one principal said this was "one of the best leadership experiences I’ve had in 20 years in education."

    Leadership Center for Community Impact

    The DU Leadership Center for Community Impact develops stronger, cross-sector leadership and collaboration to help our nation respond to our leading social issues. It is currently focused on two major initiatives: Public education and veterans affairs. The public education initiative is built on a bold idea to develop stronger leaders in public education by delivering world class training to K-12 public school principals on fundamentals of effective leadership.

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