Community impact and marketplace differentiation

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Community impact and marketplace differentiation

Courageous principals and CORE leadership programs

Community impact and marketplace differentiation

From a program that develops leadership skills among school principals to one that helps military veterans successfully transition into the workforce, Deloitte is leveraging its award-winning leadership content and expertise in ways that make a difference in individuals’ lives and communities nationwide, while positively impacting the business.

Through the Courageous Principals program, K-12 principals—some of the most influential, most challenged leaders—are exposed to our award-winning leadership development curriculum, helping them become better communicators, influencers, relationship-builders, and leaders. Since 2013, Deloitte has been supporting principals’ effectiveness through the program’s intensive business and leadership training.

“Participants say that this is the most impactful, professional, and thought-provoking leadership development program they have ever attended,” said program lead Neda Schlictman. But the program doesn’t end when sessions conclude—participants receive toolkits that they can use to reinforce concepts with their staff.

Another initiative that has fueled the organization’s position in the marketplace is the CORE Leadership program (CORE). A three-day, experiential learning program held four times a year at Deloitte University (DU), CORE was developed as part of Deloitte’s commitment to Joining Forces, which helps transitioning military service members translate their leadership abilities into a business context. Since 2013, over 400 veterans have participated and 93 percent of those actively in the job market have secured employment.

CORE Veterans Leadership Development Program hosted 360 veterans with 93 percent of those alumni actively seeking employment have found a job. Deloitte has doubled our veteran hiring in two years, and now have over 1,000 veterans working at Deloitte

Reached 345 principal and district leader participants through courageous principals, impacting 70,000 students

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