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Developing PPMD leadership excellence

Deloitte Career Retreat

Developing PPMD leadership excellence

At Deloitte University's (DU) Career Retreat, PPMDs learn how to reframe their strengths for a powerful effect on engagement, satisfaction, and performance. Career Retreat, one of Deloitte’s strengths-based leadership development initiatives, is a two-day, invitation-only program delivered at DU.

Based on years of research, it has been proven that focusing on strengths is the number one predictor of high engagement and performance. The program provides an environment where PPMDs reflect on their strengths and how best to use them to navigate their career.

The concept of focusing less on your weaknesses and more on developing strengths—activities that make you feel energized, strong, motivated, and passionate—is not a traditional approach.

– Carla Diogo, program manager 

During the retreat, PPMDs participate in interactive, multi-media exercises and pair with peers for activities, coaching, and feedback. The hard work is in the reflection and self-definition—determining the activities that empower each individual to be and to bring their best. It provides Deloitte leaders with the language and perspective to have career discussions with their leaders and teams.

“Leaders are doing themselves a disservice by not focusing on what they love, because activities that excite them bring out their best value,’” said Carla. Participants are also encouraged to think about their teams through the lens of each individual’s strengths, and to distribute the work with that in mind.

In FY15, DU delivered 10 Career Retreat sessions, contributing to a total of 34 offerings since 2012. “Any time you rediscover something about yourself, it’s very powerful, regardless of where you are in your career,” said Carla. “You get so busy in your day-to-day that you don’t make time to focus on your career. This was a chance for some of that reflection and intention.”

Deloitte has been named by Chief Executive magazine as 2015’s No. 1 Private Company for Leadership Development

Sixteen years on the Fortune lists for the “100 Best Companies to Work For”

This year we hosted 10 Career Retreat sessions serving 138 partners, principals, and directors

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