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Growth through acquisition

About our investment focus

A key component of Deloitte LLP's strategy is growth through acquisition. We will not be able to achieve our expansion goals through organic growth alone. We also need to acquire companies that will significantly accelerate our growth and profitability.

Investment focus

Currently, we are focused on the following market areas:

  • US Federal Government (particularly the intelligence community), including consulting capabilities in strategy and operations, enterprise applications, and technology integration
  • Security and privacy, including identity and access management, architecture, applications implementation, etc.
  • Financial advisory services
  • Consultative businesses in life sciences, technology, and banking

Note: We are typically not interested in businesses driven primarily by a software application sales model.

We’re looking for merger and acquisition opportunities that align with our strategic priorities.

Strategic alignment

Each of our acquisitions must meet strict criteria for “strategic fit.” Does an acquisition prospect complement and leverage our other services? Does it align with who we are and who we want to become? Does it enhance our culture and reflect our values? Does it adhere to our independence guidelines?

If you are an investment banker, venture capitalist, private equity investor, owner / entrepreneur or other individual representing a company that wants to be acquired, we’d like to hear from you. But first, get to know us a little by reviewing some key areas of our website. Understand our deep concern for ethics and independence, our commitment to inclusion, and our support for our communities.

Would your company fit into this environment?

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If you have a business you think may complement what we do and the kind of people we are, please e-mail our Corporate Development group.

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