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Banking on better service

Regions Bank client spotlight

The will to modernize banking, innovate, and offer customers a better lending experience was already there. Then Regions found the unified technology platform it needed to make working with—and for—the bank faster and easier.

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Traditional, dependable—and moving forward fast

For millions of customers, Birmingham-based Regions Bank plays a role in working, saving, and living. Its performance has earned it high marks from customers and employees alike. But the bar keeps rising. Digital technology brings speed, convenience, and a personal connection to so many parts of everyday life, and now customers want that from their bank as well.

Regions found its legacy lending systems weren’t up to supporting service at that level, and associates found those systems frustrating to work with. Working with Deloitte, the bank’s leaders set out to create a single lending platform to improve customer experience, digitize the workforce, and streamline the way work gets done.

The future of credit delivery

First, Regions leaders came together to build a foundation of unified support for the project. They selected the nCino operating system as the central component the bank could build on to make its lending operations more integrated and responsive. They also selected Deloitte as the integrator who would help build these improvements not only into the bank’s technology but also into its culture. As the two teams grew to perform as one, the bank began to roll out capabilities like mobile OCR scanning of financial documents, a customer-friendly portal, and a greater reliance on predictive analytics.

Benefits of the digital and business transformation

  • Banking associates work with consistent data and a single source of truth
  • Customers enjoy a balance of personal in-branch relationships and convenient mobile and online connectivity
  • Predictive analytics and dynamic workflow help lending professionals see the big picture and bring more attractive offerings to customers
  • Efficient, logical system design promotes employee engagement and retention
  • Ready access to information lends speed and accuracy to compliance and reporting

The retail consumers who use tablets and smartphones every day are the same people that own corporations and sit on boards as our customers. Familiarity becomes expectation, and expectation becomes demand.
—Mark Mullins, executive vice president for Business Services, Regions Bank

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Muscles to match the mission

With old-technology headaches on the way out and advanced capabilities coming online, the new platform is freeing bank employees to engage creatively and giving customers the responsiveness and connectedness they want.

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