Deloitte’s workplace pulse survey

Well-being and employee engagement

Deloitte’s workplace pulse survey on well-being and employee engagement found that one-third of employees do not feel comfortable taking vacation time.

Work-life balance and well-being

Deloitte’s workplace pulse survey was conducted to understand how employees view work-life balance and well-being at their organization. The survey was conducted via an online poll of 1,016 full-time employed adults across generations, in the United States from October 6–12, 2015.

The findings show that businesses can do more to create a culture of well-being beyond offering generous programs, by focusing on everyday behaviors.

Additionally the survey found that:

  • Well-being isn’t just a gender or generational issue; it’s an issue that is faced by all workers.
  • Modeling well-being behavior is critical, especially for millennial talent and men.
  • Fostering a culture of well-being cannot just be dictated from the top—it should be embedded by leaders at every level.

Well-being pulse survey infographic

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