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Deloitte and Tri Cap Technology Group/ARxChange Alliance

Patient collections digital transformation

Deloitte has collaborated with Tri Cap Technology Group/ARxChange to deliver Patient Collections Intellect™️ (PCI). PCI uses investment-grade algorithms, sophisticated analytics, big data science, and business intelligence reporting to uncover complex patient payment behavioral patterns and actionable insights. PCI supports clients in their efforts to improve health care revenue performance and to enhance their ability to comply with regulatory requirements through improved identity verification which can be leveraged for insurance verification, development of targeted patient payment solutions, and proactive definition of patients who can qualify for charity care.

Deloitte and TriCap Technology Group

Deloitte and TriCap Technology Group help providers address self-pay management and bad debt reduction by integrating Deloitte's operational and customer transformation capabilities with TriCap’s ARxChange analytical platform. This platform assists health care providers in their efforts to optimize self-payment performance, including cash yield improvement, insurance discovery, and quality scoring. It also assists providers in their efforts to comply with IRS regulatory requirements.

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