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Digital capabilities power the future of internal audit

The importance of AI in risk management

The use of digital capabilities, from artificial intelligence (AI) to robotic process automation (RPA), can help internal audit teams identify new growth opportunities, but they also expand the risk landscape. Explore our infographic to dive into key findings from nearly 3,000 surveyed professionals on risk management, digital transformation, and the importance of AI.

Evaluating digital capabilities across internal audit

In a November 2020 Dbriefs webcast, we discussed an overview of emerging technologies, digital capabilities, and effective risk management techniques. Specifically, we focused on how they relate to digital transformation initiatives, risks associated with metrics in external reporting and internal monitoring, and Trustworthy AI™. During the webcast, we also surveyed almost 3,000 professionals about the extent of their organizations’ digital transformation, internal audit’s level of involvement, their greatest challenges in auditing advanced digital capabilities, and their approach to ethical concerns surrounding AI.

Download the full infographic below to learn what this group had to say about adoption, risk management, and the importance of AI and the challenges that come with it.

In a recent Deloitte survey, 83 percent of executives said that AI will be very or critically important to their business success in the next two years, and 95 percent said they have concerns around ethical risks arising due to AI. As AI becomes widely implemented, organizations must work toward AI that delivers on transparency, privacy, and impartiality.

Insights to help power internal audit innovation

Looking boldly toward the future of internal audit

As you help guide your organization along the path of digital transformation, make sure internal audit has a seat at the table.

If you’d like to talk more about digital capabilities or the importance of AI in risk management, let’s set up a conversation.

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