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Femtech: Resilient and poised to grow

With billions in market potential, it’s hard to ignore the promise of female technology (femtech). Investor participation points to growth—though it may be slow given the current market environment. So, why isn’t femtech’s long-term potential turning more heads? <br><br>The first Road to Next report of FY24 uncovers timely trends and insights for the underserved expansion-stage femtech segment, as well as its significant market potential.<br><br>Three things to know now:

Q1 2024

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Dealmaking in female technology (femtech) is holding up fairly well, yet still undersized compared to other segments and its potential market size, particularly at the expansion stage. Competition from broader healthcare players and incumbents is a factor, but overall speaks to the femtech segment not getting the attention it deserves.

There are optimistic signs of resilient investor participation, along with a few scaling femtech companies, while broader female-founder funding appears robust even in a market downturn. However, market conditions are putting some pressure on femtech founders.

Benefiting from longer-term drivers and pockets of resilience in institutional investor interest, femtech will likely continue to grow. However, growth will be slow due to the current market environment despite improving awareness, foundational research, and technical advances.

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Heather Gates, Audit & Assurance Private Growth leader

There has been a growing realization that femtech can be a lucrative market with significant underserved segments. The rate of investment in femtech relative to others is still quite small, so there is also the potential for significant gains.

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