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Happy birthday, Deloitte University!

Celebrating seven years of DU

October 18, 2018

Seven years ago, Deloitte opened Deloitte University: The Leadership Center (DU)—Deloitte’s premier leadership development center. DU, a 700,000 square feet physical facility in Westlake, Texas, has become the cultural hub of Deloitte and the undisputed destination for leaders.

In August 2018, Deloitte was named to Fortune magazine’s Change the World list of top organizations that do well because they do good. Deloitte’s commitment to and investment in the organization’s professionals as our greatest assets and developing them into the world’s best leaders through the physical manifestation of DU, was a considerable part of that designation.

From interns to partners, Deloitte professionals have converged at DU—the intersection of Deloitte's culture and vision for the future. In this post, we take a look at seven key facts and figures that make DU unique. 

The history

Sensing an evolution in the workforce, then Deloitte LLP Chief Executive Officer, Barry Salzberg, believed that in order to fuel growth for the future, the organization needed to become a career accelerator and a lifelong-learning organization. Understanding that this strategy might require some dramatic changes, DU was conceptualized in 2006. In 2009, after extensive research on a variety of options to fulfill the new strategy, senior leaders approved a $300 million, 700,000 square foot physical manifestation of their vision. The doors of DU opened to welcome the first group of Deloitte professionals on October 17, 2011.

DU know? Deloitte University sits on 107 acres in the middle of a working ranch in Westlake, Texas.

Leader-led learning

The curricula at DU focuses on practice-specific training and leadership development delivered by senior Deloitte professionals who have first-hand experience and knowledge. The thoughtfully designed space encourages learning through interactive workshops and simulation exercises built around small team interactions created to replicate real-life scenarios.

DU know? In FY18, 96% of all learning at DU was Deloitte leader-led.

Community impact

The doors of DU aren't just open to Deloitte professionals. A warm welcome is also extended to clients and key members of the community. In fact, senior leadership of 96% of Fortune 100 companies and 75% of Fortune 500 companies have been to DU. DU also offers several forums and workshops focused on making impacts within the community including Courageous Principals, a leadership event targeting school principals, as well as the CORE Leadership Program designed specifically to assist the veteran community transition into the professional workforce.

DU know? DU has had a significant impact on over 800,000 school-aged children through the Courageous Principals program.

World class amenities

DU boasts 800 sleeping rooms, 35 classrooms, 36 team rooms, a grand ballroom, an amphitheater, a two-mile running and walking trail, basketball courts, and the fitness center of your workout dreams.  Of course, there’s no skipping over the food at DU – there is a full-service dining space, a coffee shop, and a sports-bar like social venue, and snack and beverage stations throughout the learning corridor. But the most important ‘amenity’ is the networking-centric design of DU. You won’t find any two-person tables at the center and there is no room service. DU was designed to encourage connections with fellow professionals via face-to-face networking.

DU know? Guests recorded an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars satisfaction score on DU’s amenities.


Committed to health and well-being, DU offers a 12,000 square-foot fitness center, that offers group fitness classes such as yoga and spin classes, as well as personal training sessions. Deloitte professionals are often encouraged to take well-timed energy breaks to renew and refresh their minds. Guests can also take advantage of the two-mile running and walking trail and basketball court.

DU know? In FY18, over 25,453 guests participated in energy breaks, a facilitated break to encourage physical movement during one’s workday.

The Barn

After a long day filled with learning, DU guests often unwind at The Barn and get a little more networking done. A favorite spot for guests, The Barn offers a relaxing social environment complete with large screen televisions and lounge chairs. A board game or pool is usually a hit with DU guests, and the brisket is legendary within Deloitte.

DU know? Twenty-three US Olympic athletes visited DU in FY18.

The Market

One thing that stands out for many guests at DU is the wide variety of food offered. The Market is the main dining area and a buffet-style restaurant that features a large selection of culinary treats. The chef-inspired menu keeps professionals energized and hunger-free. Themed menus are available at lunch and dinner throughout the work week ranging from Mediterranean faire to American cuisine.

DU know? There were 391 nutritional consultations offered at DU in FY18.


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