Accelerating value realization


Accelerating value realization through project to product transformation

Why organizations are embarking on product transformation journeys

Product-centric organizations put the customer at their core and focus on delivering business value. Discover how product-led transformations allow organizations to create new business models with innovative products and services that respond to customer needs and market requirements.

Becoming product-centric

Many organizations are increasingly recognizing the benefits of moving from a project to product transformation delivery model and are aligning their IT organizational structures with product-centric roles and embarking on a product transformation journey. This white paper focuses on questions faced by organizations looking to make a true digital shift with product centricity at the core. It addresses:

  • The imperative shift from project to product transformation
  • Beginning a product transformation journey
  • How Deloitte reimagined and reinvented the customer experience for one of the largest US energy providers

Explore the benefits of product-led delivery and learn how a large US energy provider embarked on their transformational journey.

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The imperative shift: From project to product transformation

Today, the majority of organizations are IT-centric. Their success is heavily dependent on how they can deliver software products and differentiated digital experiences. Traditional project models can slow an organization’s reaction to changing customer needs, technology, and market forces, as they require a large investment before any customer or business value is realized.

To escape this 'build trap,' organizations should consider changing their mindsets from production-driven to value-driven by adopting product-led thinking and planning methods. The shift requires organizations to rewire from top to bottom and reimagine how work gets delivered.

Embarking on a product transformation journey

Organizational change and mindset shifts can be daunting. A product shift doesn’t happen overnight. Organizations may be tempted to rapidly pivot toward a product-led approach and neglect to build the foundations and experiences necessary to scale effectively.

Deloitte has leveraged a successful framework to jump-start a transformation journey with many clients. The following tenets are needed to establish a successful product transformation journey:

  • Clear definition of vision and product goals
  • Purposeful collaboration
  • Funding and budgets aligned to the highest-value business outcomes
  • Fit-for-purpose architecture

These leading practices focus on starting small, with a single goal or product where a cross-functional team is mobilized to co-create a vision, identify the problems to be solved, and define what success means to them and their customers. This enables organizations to learn, develop their processes, and determine a suitable strategy for scaling the model. By starting with a small success story, the barriers to change start to come down, and trust and confidence starts to build within the organization.

Value realization through product transformation

In this era of digital transformation and rapidly changing business conditions, there has never been a greater need for true organizational agility. By undertaking the product-led model, companies can maximize the value of their investments and develop the flexibility they need to stay competitive.

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