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Service Delivery and Business Design

Enabling effective digital service management and delivery

Our Service Delivery and Business Design solutions help our clients manage the complexity of technology transformations. Our Business Process Engineering solutions put human experience at the center of technology transformation, while our Program and Transformation Management solutions empower you to efficiently address complex technical and operational challenges.

Service delivery and business design as a strategic priority

Digital organizations are increasingly challenged to “do more with less.” The pressure is constantly on to stay competitive, achieve ambitious outcomes, and harness new data and technology tools to drive innovation.

Developing a more robust, nimble, and collaborative service delivery organization that actively partners with the business can help address these challenges. To succeed, digital transformation requires organizations to be future-ready and innovative, focused on their customers, flexible, and agile. Deloitte’s Service Delivery and Business Design solutions can help you meet those challenges.

A proactive, outcome-focused approach

Deloitte’s Service Delivery and Business Design team focuses on maximizing transformation value and identifying solutions aligned with our clients’ goals and needs. Our approach to business process engineering and program management is progressive, leveraging disciplined methodologies and proprietary tools that enable collaboration across stakeholders and accelerate service delivery. Our solutions are comprehensive and designed to advance large-scale transformation.

Business Process Engineering

Business process engineering

Business Process Optimization

Application of emerging technologies and process visualization techniques like AR, VR, 3D modeling, and real-time simulation, applied with industry experience, empowers delivery of high-quality wireframes that enable clients with accurate visualizations of applications.

Enterprise Analysis and
Functional Design

Our well-defined business analytics methodologies and deep industry knowledge enable structured analysis and bespoke designs that help address the business or technical challenges at hand.

Rapid Requirements Engineering

Our experience in and understanding of business processes across industries, combined with deep software and systems engineering acumen, accelerates requirements-gathering by maintaining quality and integrity.



Program and Transformation Management

Program and transformation management


We offer a complete range of project management services to improve delivery capabilities and performance for project teams across the enterprise, including assessments, governance, tools, and people delivery.

Results Management Office (RMO)

We can help you move beyond the conventional project management office (PMO) to focus on results and drive desired outcomes for complex programs.

PM Optimize

Our PM Optimize platform provides a current-state maturity assessment and future-state road map with detailed recommendations.



Expansive insights, transformative technologies

Deloitte’s differentiated approach combines expansive industry insight and technical skills with our transformative methodologies, IP, and ecosystem technologies to create effective, efficient, and sustainable solutions. We work in collaboration with organizations to help them overcome complex technical and operational challenges, reduce risky investments, capitalize on unrealized opportunities, drive growth, and foster innovation.

Using automation and leading standardization practices, we can help you hit the ground running with developed requirements elicitation and program management tools. These tools include:

Future of Work: Ways of working in uncertain times


An integrated, automated, intelligent platform that supports end-to-end delivery for all core business operations, programs, and projects


An end-to-end, outcomes-focused framework for quickly standing up a PMO and the associated governance for a transformation program or project


A project management tool powered by ServiceNow with enhanced enterprise-level complex program management capabilities and a Tableau visualization layer



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Deloitte’s Service Delivery and Business Design delivers

Our approach can help you build a more robust and agile service delivery function that empowers your business to meet its transformation objectives for complex, multitechnology programs, from improving customer satisfaction and reducing costs to creating new revenue streams and automating processes.

What are the attributes of a successful digital service delivery and business design organization?


Future-ready: Identify and develop progressive solutions to respond to tomorrow’s business challenges.


Innovative: Adopt new accelerators and approaches to secure a competitive advantage.


Customer-centric: Delight customers through techniques such as behavior-driven development and human-centered design.


Agile: Focus on adaptation and apply a continuous improvement mindset to programs and projects, as well as across the enterprise.


Resilient and flexible: Deploy nimble technology solutions, manage risk, and ensure success regardless of future challenges.


As organizations prioritize digital transformation and recognize that a lack of business process and technology knowledge along with inability to manage large scale transformations are their biggest challenges, they’ll need proven solutions that can help them accelerate to their future state.

What sets us apart


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