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Build the future with scalable, resilient cloud architectures

Part of the Architecting the Cloud podcast series

Developing scalable, efficient cloud architectures requires fresh thinking. Infrastructure as Code, along with other tools like Kubernetes—when properly managed—can help companies create robust cloud architectures that produce more value from their cloud journey.

Use Infrastructure as code to create automated, scalable, robust cloud architectures

In its early days, the cloud functioned as a virtual datacenter. However, as the cloud matures, the imperative is to make using the cloud easier, more reliable, and more accessible. Consequently, cloud strategies are highly-focused on architecture. Infrastructure as Code, with its ability to help companies automate the software development process and enforce security and policies, is quickly becoming the backbone of highly scalable and resilient cloud architectures. Other technologies, such as Kubernetes, are also being widely adopted to take advantage of the cloud’s promise, but companies have to take care to manage complexity to achieve value.

Disclaimer: As referenced in this podcast, “Amazon” refers to AWS (Amazon Web Services) and “Google” refers to GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

You actually need operations teams and developers working together to figure out how to build scalable, efficient cloud software. And that demands a lot more engineering rigor. You can't go into the console and point and click.Joe Duffy is Co-Founder and CEO of Pulumi. Prior to founding Pulumi, Joe held leadership roles at Microsoft in the Developer Division, Operating Systems Group, and Microsoft Research.

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DevOps and Cloud, no longer optional

It’s not enough to build both a DevOps organization transformation and public cloud solution. You need to do the harder work of making them work and play well together.

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Overturning the status quo: Doing DevOps right

Implementing DevOps can boost cloud deployment, but some organizations still struggle to get it right. Those that do find that DevOps success takes transformational leadership, improved communication, and fostering trust between IT and the business.

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Three Things that could Destroy Your Cloud Migration Project

Cloud deployments aren’t easy. No project sails smoothly, without rough waters. But three things: lack of resources, lack of objectiveness, and lack of talent, can sink your project long before it has a chance to prove its worth.

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