Strategy and industry clouds speed digital transformation

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Most organizations yearn to speed their digital transformation journeys along. Easy to say; hard to do. However, with the right strategy, it can be done—especially if you add industry clouds to the strategy mix.

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Speed digital transformation with the right strategy and industry clouds

Global market forces, coupled with the pandemic, have spurred most organizations to accelerate their digital transformation to keep their competitive edge—but that’s often easier said than done. In this episode, David Linthicum talks with Deloitte’s Diana Kearns-Manolatos about why strategy is central to accelerating the transformation journey. Diana lays out five “digital imperatives” for speeding transformation. She also explains the role industry clouds play in that process.


The five digital imperatives…are meant to get us out of that trap of speaking about a single technology and to have a higher-level strategy conversation.

Diana Kearns Manolatos is a senior manager in the Deloitte Center for Integrated Research where she analyzes market shifts and emerging trends across industries.




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Cloud, in context

Cloud is more than technology. It’s about making cloud work for your business. Our hosts, David Linthicum and Mike Kavis, deliver their unique perspectives around the technology, business, and culture of cloud to help you achieve your cloud goals. Topics range from an enterprise-level, strategic look at cloud to practical information on the people, processes, and technology that can make cloud work better for your organization.

David is a top cloud influencer and author of 13 books plus thousands of articles on cloud. Mike is the author of two books, including the recently published Accelerating Cloud Adoption, and won the 2010 AWS Global Startup Challenge. They know cloud. Listen to the Deloitte On Cloud podcast to get the information you need to achieve your possible with cloud.

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