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​Innovation is ingrained in the oil and gas industry's DNA, as evidenced by its long history of technological and engineering advances. Today, the deep integration of technologies has caused digitization in the oil and gas industry, enabling companies to produce more oil faster, safer, and at a lower cost. Embracing this digital transformation in oil and gas provides a multi-billion-dollar opportunity to improve organizational performance and results.

Driving the digital oil and gas organization

Becoming a digital oil and gas organization means more than adopting the latest technologies—it requires shifting the way a business operates. A digital enterprise can continuously redefine what it offers, how it delivers, and how it operates, by adopting and leveraging:

Exponential technology

Exponential technologies such as blockchain, robotic process automation (RPA), the internet of things (IoT), in-memory computing, analytics and cognitive, and augmented reality and wearables to revolutionize business processes.

Digital mindset

A digital mindset when engaging in strategic planning, budget allocations, process improvement, employee development, mergers and acquisitions, and other partnering activities.

Constant experimentation and iteration

Constant experimentation and iteration to foster innovation, which typically occurs in unproven and unknown domains.

How can our breakthrough technology help to increase production and reserves of brownfields?

Digital Oil Recovery™ Powered by FOROIL provides a short-cycle, low-capital investment, optimization solution that helps realize significant production upside for brownfields.

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How can you make your business digital?

Digital capabilities can help oil and gas companies produce more oil and deliver it faster, cheaper, and more safely. They are finally mature and proven – and already showing the ability to influence outcomes. However, for many oil and gas companies, the immediate challenge presented by digital isn’t whether or not to start, but how to determine the right scope for their efforts. Does the organization transform incrementally, or all at once? Take a couple of minutes to review our guide to learn more.

Think yesterday’s technologies are good enough? Don’t count on it.

The changes coming your way are far from the incremental changes you might have seen in the past. They are massive, and they require a massive response. Discover how Deloitte's Digital Carbon provides a road-map for oil and gas companies navigating their digital transformation journey.

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How can digital drive your organization

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An oil and gas sector perspective: Tech Trends 2018

Evidence of technology’s disruptive impact on the oil and gas industry is clear and growing. This publication explores eight trends that forward-thinking executives should consider as they seek to build or acquire capabilities that can move their organization into the future.

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Nate Clark

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