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​Innovation is ingrained in the oil, gas & chemicals industry's DNA, as evidenced by its long history of technological and engineering advances. Today, the deep integration of technologies has caused digitization in the oil, gas & chemicals industry, enabling companies to produce more oil faster, safer, and at a lower cost. Embracing this digital transformation in oil, gas & chemicals provides a multi-billion-dollar opportunity to improve organizational performance and results.

An oil, gas and chemicals perspective: Tech Trends 2020

Forward-thinking OG&C companies are exploring technology levers to survive the crisis and position them to thrive when conditions turn favorable.

Digital Fuels Transformation in Oil & Gas Sector

Digital transformation offers oil, gas, and chemical companies opportunities to boost efficiencies and lower costs but can also create challenges related to change management and innovation, among other areas. 

Learn how digital technologies play an important role in this effort.


Oil and Gas Companies Embrace Innovation Through Digital Alliances

Deloitte Digital and WIRED teamed up to provide an insider’s look at a framework for Digital Transformation, and how it’s been applied across industries and around the world. For the oil, gas, and chemicals industry, digital transformation means leveraging strong alliances with technology companies outside their industry.

Learn more about how oil and gas companies are implementing digital strategic solutions to remain competitive.

Bits, Bytes and Barrels Webinar

Listen to the recording of an insightful webinar on the digital transformation of the Oil and Gas industry. Hear from the authors of Bits, Bytes and Barrels, Geoffrey Cann and Rachael Goydan, as they discussed the steps leaders can take to accelerate the adoption of digital transformation.

You’ll learn and discover:

  • Why digital adoption in the energy sector is slow
  • The size and scale of the opportunities and threats from digital
  • The key technologies and the role they play in a digital future
  • The actions leaders can take to accelerate the adoption of digital in the business

Join us to explore how your organization can capture the benefits of digital transformation by watching this recent webinar event.

Bits, Bytes, and Barrels: The Digital Transformation of Oil and Gas

Listen to the replay

Bits, Bytes, and Barrels: The digital transformation of oil and gas

In “Bits, Bytes, and Barrels: The digital transformation of oil and gas,” authors Geoffrey Cann and Rachael Goydan lay out the current landscape for digital technologies in the energy business.

Learn more about the must-read new book on the oil and gas industry.


An oil, gas, and chemicals perspective: Human Capital Trends 2019

The top human capital issues facing the oil, gas, and chemicals industry are arising in a whole new context: The social enterprise.

How can you make your business digital?

Digital capabilities can help oil and gas companies produce more oil and deliver it faster, cheaper, and more safely. They are finally mature and proven – and already showing the ability to influence outcomes. However, for many oil and gas companies, the immediate challenge presented by digital isn’t whether or not to start, but how to determine the right scope for their efforts. Does the organization transform incrementally, or all at once? Take a couple of minutes to review our guide to learn more.

Awards and recognition

Deloitte Consulting LLP received “Energy Consultancy of the Year” award from Petroleum Economist

Deloitte Consulting received “Energy Consultancy of the Year” at the Petroleum Economist Awards in London. The award recognized the practice as a global leader and highlighted our innovation in Digital Oil Recovery.

Ready to transform?

Chemical companies are leveraging disruptive technologies to integrate manufacturing, commercial, and business operations to unlock the power of an end-to-end connected value chain. Learn how traditional linear supply chains are evolving into end-to-end integrated, digital supply networks to transform operations and create a more efficient, viable, and safer chemical plant of the future.

Driving the digital oil, gas & chemicals organization

Becoming a digital oil, gas & chemicals organization means more than adopting the latest technologies—it requires shifting the way a business operates. A digital enterprise can continuously redefine what it offers, how it delivers, and how it operates, by adopting and leveraging:

Exponential technology

Exponential technologies such as blockchain, robotic process automation (RPA), the internet of things (IoT), in-memory computing, analytics and cognitive, and augmented reality and wearables to revolutionize business processes.

Digital mindset

A digital mindset when engaging in strategic planning, budget allocations, process improvement, employee development, mergers and acquisitions, and other partnering activities.

Constant experimentation and iteration

Constant experimentation and iteration to foster innovation, which typically occurs in unproven and unknown domains.

How can our breakthrough technology help to increase production and reserves of brownfields?

Digital Oil Recovery™ Powered by FOROIL provides a short-cycle, low-capital investment, optimization solution that helps realize significant production upside for brownfields.

Learn more

How can digital drive your organization?

Check out our video playlist and find out how each of the following topics is part of the digital transformation journey: Strategic risk management, risk analytics, predictive maintenance, digital reality, digital finance, customer first experience and blockchain.

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