digital oil recovery


Breakthrough technology for oil reservoir optimization

Increasing production and reserves of brownfields

Digital Oil Recovery™ Powered by FOROIL provides a short-cycle, low-capital investment, optimization solution that helps realize significant production upside for brownfields.

Digital Oil Recovery

Digital and analytical methods for oil optimization

Brownfields suffer from higher operating costs, declining oil production, aging equipment, and a complex subsurface configuration of pressure and saturation. These issues make redevelopment concepts requiring substantial new investment less attractive and risky.

Deloitte’s Digital Oil RecoveryTM Powered by FOROIL is a highly innovative production enhancement and optimization solution that delivers the short-cycle benefits the industry requires.

Digital Oil RecoveryTM Powered by FOROIL isn’t “mere analytics;” it is a patented and tested oil recovery technique that can rapidly deliver increased production and reserves at dramatically reduced capex/bbl.

Digital Oil RecoveryTM uses a patented technique that combines highly sophisticated mathematics with reservoir physics, then applies machine learning, cognitive analytics, and massive parallel computing. The result is a behavioral model that describes what the reservoir does, to complement your geological model that describes what the reservoir is. The behavioral model can screen over 15MM potential field development plans in 24 hours, finding the optimum plan tuned to your objectives.

In just four months, Digital Oil RecoveryTM can create a production forecast that is 95 percent (or greater) accurate, along with an actionable, optimized field development plan. This can create immediate and substantial impact without adding organizational or technical implementation complexities.

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Digital technology: Accelerating production, maximizing value

The Digital Oil RecoveryTM process has been tested in dozens of reservoirs globally. Production increases of over 20 percent have been realized with de minimus capital investments; moderate capital investments have yielded production increases of 35 percent and greater.

Digital Oil RecoveryTM is a truly digital solution; combining production data you already possess with sophisticated mathematics, reservoir physics, artificial intelligence, and massive parallel computing. Digital Oil RecoveryTM complements your geological model with a tool that accurately models the behavior of the reservoir. Using Digital Oil RecoveryTM you will have:

  • A reliable production forecast years into the future;
  • Additional production and reserves at a dramatically reduced capex/bbl;
  • A fresh view of brownfield assets; renewed options for portfolio management; 
  • Increased cash flow capital/balance sheet flexibility;
  • All within four months, with minimal disruption to your existing people, processes, and programs

Modeling the reservoir’s complex behavior

Digital Oil RecoveryTM creates a representation of the dynamic behavior of the reservoir from a mathematical starting point—to supplement your geologic one—to more effectively model the complex behavior of the reservoir.

Once the model is built, Digital Oil RecoveryTM uses large parallel computing power to rapidly make a guided scan of the massive and complex solution space by running millions of scenarios overnight to identify the optimal production solution for given financial, operational, and resource constraints.

By creating the opportunity to add low-capital, short-cycle growth opportunities to portfolios that need new options, Digital Oil RecoveryTM helps create needed optionality for the interplay between your portfolio, financial performance, capital spending strategy, and balance sheet.

Digital Oil Recovery™: Unearthing new value

Deloitte and FOROIL combine to deliver Digital Oil Recovery™ Powered by FOROIL, uniting our digital experience in the oil and gas industry with a tested digital oilfield recovery technique designed to rapidly deliver shareholder value.

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For oil and gas companies navigating an increasingly complex landscape, Digital Oil Recovery™ Powered by FOROIL provides an innovative enhanced oil recovery technique that models and maximizes reservoir performance. Let’s discuss how your organization can tap into data-driven insights and forge a new path to shareholder value.

Scott Sanderson
Deloitte Consulting LLP

Hugues de Saint Germain
Chairman and Founder, FOROIL SAS