The Future of Connectivity

Looking forward to new value

​A dramatic acceleration is under way. Network-connected device types are multiplying, bringing important implications for the ecosystem of wired and wireless technologies, products, and services that will provide a foundation for tomorrow's digital economy. As the future of connectivity takes shape, it will create new demands on the suppliers of connectivity, the providers of related devices and services, and the ability of industries to use their innovations to gain competitive advantage.

Finding the right answers

Technological savvy may not be enough to address the challenges of the future. And while speed matters, it's no substitute for knowing which direction you should be running in. Organizations will need to ask the right questions and develop a holistic strategy based on the answers.

For established players already operating in a capital-intensive environment, key questions will center on growth and return on investment. For example, how will you reduce operating expenses to support compressed capital investment cycles? For new market entrants, understanding your role in the future landscape becomes critical. Where do you fit? How do you determine and execute a bold new move that positions your organization for success? What should your timing be?

How we can help

Deloitte can help you answer important questions about the role of connectivity in your organization's future. And we can help you act.

We offer comprehensive solutions that can address your business and technology objectives across a wide range of needs:

  • "Design to build" projects such as spectrum planning and deployment
  • "Build to operate" projects such as IoT network and platform enablement
  • "Operate to maintain" projects such as ecosystem business design and implementation.

Our approach looks across your enterprise to address business strategy, your business model, your business capabilities, your operating model, and the infrastructure required to support your vision.

By leveraging our deep industry experience, leading practices, preconfigured solutions, and a global network of business and technology professionals, Deloitte ultimately can help you accelerate results and deliver new value no matter where you are in your journey.

A quick take on the future of connectivity

What is the future of connectivity? There’s a dramatic acceleration currently under way. Network-connected device types are multiplying, bringing important implications for the ecosystem of wired and wireless technologies, products, and services—all providing a foundation for tomorrow’s digital economy.  As the future of connectivity takes shape, organizations need to ask the right questions. Are you ready?

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