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Secure Access & Zero Trust Programs

Never trust, always verify

Deloitte’s industry leading Cyber practice is collaborating with Google Cloud to provide strategy, architecture and design, implementation, and operate services to assist you on your Zero Trust journey. Time to create more robust and resilient security programs, simplify security management, and improve end-user experience.

BeyondCorp™ Enterprise

Simplify the remote user experience while improving security and lowering costs. BeyondCorp is Google Cloud's zero trust solution that enables simple and secure access to applications and cloud resources—without using a remote-access VPN—and offers integrated threat and data protection. Given the current challenges with perimeter-centric cyber security approaches, the need for continuous verification of trust across every device, every user, and every application is imperative. And Deloitte can bring an industry standards-based methodology combined with technical experience to help you effectively implement this true, enterprise-wide, zero trust architecture.

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Explore secure access and zero trust thoughtware

Explore Secure Access & Zero Trust Thoughtware

BeyondCorp Enterprise: Introducing a safer era of computing

Dive into Google Cloud's demonstrated, scalable platform for organizations to meet their zero trust requirements wherever they may be in the cloud operation journey.

Securing your extended workforce with BeyondCorp Enterprises

The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the risks of working outside the office and beyond the corporate perimeter. Explore use cases on securing your extended workforce.

The need for zero trust: 3 lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic

Implementing secure remote working can be a journey. As you begin your shift to a Zero Trust strategy, check out these three lessons to help you take a more modern approach.

Infographic—Zero Trust access: 5 critical steps to begin

With so many people and devices now beyond the corporate walls, Zero Trust access is critical to organization security. Review these 5 critical steps.


Meet our leaders

Arun Perinkolam

Arun Perinkolam

Principal | US Technology, Media & Telecommunications Industry Leader - Cyber & Strategic Risk

Arun Perinkolam, a principal at Deloitte & Touche LLP, is the Technology, Media, and Telecom Industry Leader for the Deloitte US Cyber & Strategic Risk Services practice. With over 20 years of experie... More

Kashif Rahamatullah

Kashif Rahamatullah

National Google Cloud Practice and Alliance Lead

Kashif is a principal in the Cloud Engineering practice for Deloitte Consulting LLP, helping clients to leverage Deloitte’s best-in-breed cloud methodologies to transition their applications and infra... More

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