Modernizing MDM for a data-driven business

Explore how Deloitte and Informatica are transforming MDM capabilities

The way data is collected, stored, analyzed, distributed, and used has undergone a huge shift over the past few decades. The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand, technology continues to evolve, and more organizations are using big data and cloud applications than ever before. Staying relevant will depend on an organization’s ability to leverage data, new applications, and data sources, and a critical component of a modernized data strategy will be implementing new master data management (MDM) capabilities.

The need for MDM modernization

MDM is more than the back-end hub in the “hub-and-spoke” architecture for managing data. MDM is being increasingly used to help deliver business value across the customer journey. A modernized MDM platform is also required to enable critical back-office processes. Read Modernizing MDM for a data-driven business to learn more.

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