Innovate and Scale with DGX AI Accelerated Computing

Deloitte and NVIDIA accelerate innovation with AI Managed Services

Our suite of Managed Services supports the entire life cycle of services from onboarding our clients to commence their journey toward AI-enabled business operations to building, managing, and optimizing AI applications.

To help our clients address these challenges, Deloitte and NVIDIA have teamed up to launch the Deloitte Center for AI Computing. Built on NVIDIA’s DGX systems, the first-of-its-kind center brings together supercomputing architecture, AI expertise, data, infrastructure managed services, and onboarding services to help our clients rapidly become AI-fueled organizations. We will support your AI journey with our deep industry expertise, highly specialized talent skilled in NVIDIA DGX, and end-to-end data and AI technology services powered with our digital Smart Ops framework. We offer a one-stop shop for accelerated AI!

Deloitte Managed Services for NVIDIA DGX


Key features


DGX managed services in action

A few examples of Deloitte and NVIDIA transforming industries:

Connected and autonomous vehicles

Connected and autonomous vehicles are transforming a purely physical experience into one that is becoming an always-on extension of people’s lives, complete with an ever-expanding set of user experiences. Deloitte and NVIDIA have fused software design and advanced connectivity to bring autonomous operation of both goods and people to reality.

Software-defined smart grid

Utilities and energy providers can rapidly process information to inform decisions on the energy grid. Deloitte and NVIDIA offer AI deep-learning systems to stream, collect, and analyze data akin to human analysis but faster.

Virtual drug discovery

Deloitte and NVIDIA have enabled and accelerated the creation of new prescription drugs. A virtual lab combines AI, quantum physics, and cloud computing with a molecule database to create a “digital twin” for simulating the activity of potential new drugs.

Financial back office of the future

Deloitte and NVIDIA have automated and enhanced critical financial services processes, such as fraud detection, payment processing, cash reconciliation, underwriting, and claims management, to alleviate labor-intensive work with fewer errors. Our solutions have also enhanced chatbots and interactive voice response systems with AI applications to improve the quality of automated customer interactions.

Preferred Partnership

Deloitte is NVIDIA's Consulting Partner of the Year

Why partner with Deloitte?

Preferred partnership: Deloitte is NVIDIA’s Consulting Partner of the Year, empowering priority client access to industry-focused services, IP innovation, and leading commercial terms.

Analyst recognition: Deloitte has consistently been recognized as a global market leader in AI and analytics.

Deloitte’s strategy and insights-led approach helps organizations envision ways AI can generate value, transform the tech architecture, evolve the workforce, and create trust.

Full-stack service offerings include data management, MLOps, and platform administration and optimization services.

Comprehensive tools, methods, and technologies, including Deloitte’s AI/ML ops services catalog and framework, service models, assets, and accelerators across a wide range of services and platforms, enable and accelerate outcomes for clients.

Industry leadership: Deloitte has deep industry expertise to focus AI on the right challenges with meaningful, measurable results.

Large talent pool in AI and data: Deloitte has a scaled practice of AI and data professionals more than 10,000 strong.

Deloitte and NVIDIA solutions have delivered 30%–40% reduction in TCO along with 30% performance increases.

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Meet our leader

Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown

Managing Director | AI and Data Operations

Stephen leads Deloitte’s Managed Services offerings for NVIDIA’s Enterprise Technology Platforms. He brings more than 35 years IT consulting and Managed Services experience from Accenture, PriceWaterh... More

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