PrecisionView™ Advanced Forecasting and Modeling

Accelerated visibility, amplified confidence

PrecisionView™, Deloitte’s proprietary advanced forecasting solution, leverages data aggregation technologies with predictive analytics, cognitive, and machine-learning capabilities to allow businesses to generate improved forecasting accuracy and predictive modeling. The solution also helps generate high-impact insights that relate to the total enterprise, business units, geographies, and products. It’s no secret that traditional forecasting and predictive modeling methods can be excessively manual and prone to unintentional human bias or sandbagging. PrecisionView, plus the right experience, can help change that.

Are you looking to:
  • Improve business and investment decision-making powered by scenario analysis
  • Identify influential business drivers and model key business levers
  • Decrease time-to-insight and enhance the delivery of financial insights and visuals
  • Improve guidance to maintain or reestablish investor confidence

With the help of algorithmic forecasting and PrecisionView, you can rapidly shift focus from analysis to action. Learn more.

Transforming FP&A into a true business partnering function that can unlock new value

CFOs and other finance leaders are regularly having to adapt to maintain top-performing FP&A organizations that deliver efficiency and business value sustainably. Increasingly, this requires challenging the way their organizations use data to unleash the power of advanced forecasting techniques and predictive modeling in their organizations.

With PrecisionView, finance organizations can expand their capabilities, increase their capacity, and enrich their internal collaboration, all while enhancing their overall credibility with the business and external parties. Here’s what we mean...

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Current business issues that predictive analytics and PrecisionView can address

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Tangible, measurable benefits of leveraging advanced forecasting solutions include:
  • Improved investor confidence in financial guidance, leading to more stable share prices
  • Reduced production waste and losses through advanced forecasting based on consumer trends and demands
  • More timely identification and response to market opportunities as they arise
  • Improved investment efficiency through integration of investment scenario analysis in the modeling and forecasting process
  • Reallocation of resources to value-add analysis as a result of more streamlined modeling and forecasting processes

PrecisionView use cases

  • Board & investor credibility: Provide better guidance externally and across the C-suite
  • Challenger models: Assess aggregated bottom-up/operational plans and forecasts
  • Top-down target setting: Establish guardrails to communicate and cascade targets
  • Plan/forecast starting point: Baseline for layering of risks and opportunities
  • M&A pro forma enablement: Scenario model business units for acquisitions or divestitures
  • Product/costing/specialized: Deep-dive forecast models and advanced forecasting techniques to aid in operational decisions (e.g., revenue forecasting, expense and headcount forecasting, working capital forecasting, and cash flow forecasting)
PrecisionView overview

How does PrecisionView integrate with my current technology?

Glad you asked. The PrecisionView solution can sit atop an existing enterprise’s technology stack and is platform agnostic, enabling variability in time, flexibility, and cost.


Explore our primer on algorithmic forecasting, Forecasting in a digital world, and our considerations for reinventing FP&A for an unpredictable future.

Imagine moving toward more automated and exception-based forecasting and performance management.

 Contact us to see PrecisionView in action.

Eric Merrill
Managing Director
Deloitte Consulting LLP


Adrian Tay
Managing Director
Deloitte Consulting LLP

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