Cybersecurity trends podcast

Security in a cyber-everywhere world

This episode of That Makes Cents explores how organizations are navigating a complex cybersecurity landscape while protecting consumers’ privacy. Featuring a guest speaker from Yum! Brands.

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Security in a cyber-everywhere world

There’s a digital option for nearly everything—how we work, play, eat, shop, socialize, and more. How are companies managing customer data and connecting online and in-person experiences while protecting privacy? Hear from Elias Oxendine IV, Chief Information Security Officer at Yum! Brands, and Vikram Rao, Managing Director, Cyber & Strategic Risk Services at Deloitte and Touche LLP, on this episode.

Our business partners are starting to learn that in order for them to really be successful...they must involve cybersecurity earlier on in the process. If you think about it, in the past, usually security is the roadblock at the very end of any type of a project. Well, with speed in the market you can't do that.

—Elias Oxendine IV, Chief Information Security Officer, Yum! Brands

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