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Retail's grand reopening

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What should retailers keep top of mind as "safer-at-home" orders lift in various parts of the country and stores begin to reopen?

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Retail's grand reopening

Is the role of the store in a consumer’s buying journey, forever changed? As more states begin to lift their “safer-at-home” orders and stores begin to reopen, what should retailers be keeping top of mind, from a customer, associate, store, and operational perspective? Hear from Jean-Emmanuel Biondi, Deloitte principal and one of the authors of Deloitte’s “Post-COVID strategies for retailers: Reopening stores” playbook.

What I think is also important is to realize that customers today are much more focused on the friction that exists in the store and how retailers are going to address those frictions.

⁠—Jean-Emmanuel Biondi, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

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