CFO SignalsTM: 2015 Q1 Results


CFO Signals™: 2015 Q1

Continued optimism despite rising, broad-based volatility

While expectations for important metrics such as revenue and capital spending growth did slide, this quarter’s findings suggest CFOs’ confidence has not really wavered.

Last quarter’s survey suggested large-company CFOs believed the US economy was finally on a strong growth path. Despite voicing concerns about the durability of the global economic recovery and geopolitical disruptors, their tenor entering 2015 clearly reflected rising optimism and confidence.

Since then, the US economy has strengthened. But with the economic struggles of Europe and China intensified, will CFOs’ optimism decline?

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Business outlook findings

Surveyed CFOs recorded a ninth straight quarter of optimism regarding their organization’s prospects, continuing to forecast growth in earnings and hiring. This said, uncertainty remains a key concern, particularly regarding the durability of the global economic recovery and geopolitical disruptors.

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