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The evolution of financial services

Short discussions on M&A in FSI

This podcast series brings to life articles on mergers and acquisitions topics in the financial services industry. It addresses how operating environments for insurers, banks, and other financial services firms are undergoing dramatic change—from shifting regulations to new entrants that disrupt traditional service models and everything in between. Each episode focuses on changes in the industry and what your company should do in response.

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Deloitte's FSI M&A compendium is an article series that explores key strategies for achieving the "new normal" and harnessing disruption in financial services.

Episode No. 1: "Five actions major financial institutions face"

​Sachin Sondhi and Steve Mahoney

Banks, insurers, and asset managers have a lot on their plate. While they attempt to simplify their business they are working in parallel to modernize and differentiate themselves, all while complying with regulation. Listen as Sachin Sondhi and Steve Mahoney discuss how harnessing the disruptors can be an opportunity for financial services firms rather than another nuisance.

The potential for destruction is actually an opportunity, much more than a threat, and the firms should think about how to seize the destructive advantage.

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Five actions major financial institutions face

Episode No. 2: Workforce of the future"

Steve Hatfield

Companies today are witnessing an ever-increasing role of robots in the daily workplace but the question remains whether humans will be fully replaced. These dramatic changes present an opportunity to rethink how to conceive of work by freeing resources from simple tasks and redeploying skills and knowledge to more value-add instances.

It's predicted that about 40 percent of the current work done today is likely a candidate for an automated or cognitive tool to take that on. That's a huge impact; and that'll mean reengineering jobs and likely reengineering or redesigning of the organization structure.

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Workforce of the future

Episode No. 3: "Talent engagement in a digital world"

Steve Hatfield

Effective talent management has become increasing complex with three overlapping groups of employees in the workforce—Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and millennials—and another waiting in the wings (Generation Z). As the workforce evolves, a renewed focus on organizational culture and employee engagement are one of the most powerful levers companies have to attract and retain top talent.

The new trends around technologies that have exponential impact are galvanizing and attracting millennials to work outside of a traditional organization.

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Talent engagement

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