Reporting Academy: A Data-Driven Decision-Making Learning Experience

Learn how to draw insights from data

Does your organization want to make smarter, faster data-driven decisions? Build greater agility with its data and reports? It takes more than just static reporting—it demands advanced data literacy and strategic reporting aligned to real business needs. The Reporting Academy is a data-driven decision-making learning experience that can teach you how to draw insights from data.

Unlock your business' potential with data-driven decisions

Getting to smart decisions fast takes more than good reporting. It requires improved data literacy—the critical ability to derive meaningful insights from data and apply them in a way that benefits your organization.

Making smart decisions fast takes a deeper understanding of your data and its potential as well as the ability to bring that data to life through storytelling. The Reporting Academy is a data-driven decision-making learning experience that can help accelerate your organization’s path to effective business decisions. Through a collaboration of C-suite, business leaders, and employees who are in the data and pulling reports, you can unlock and channel your data’s potential toward greater opportunities.

Make your move to more: learn how to draw insights from data

Whether it's enabling data-based decisions, building data literacy, or delivering actionable insights through storytelling, the Reporting Academy helps you do more with—and get more from—your data by improving:

  • Speed. Faster decisions come from accurate data and timely reporting.
  • Usability. The quality of your insights depends upon the usefulness of your data.
  • Relevance. Decisions that connect data to behavior fuel actionable insights.


Building data literacy: A case for change

As data analysis and big data become routine in business strategy, it becomes increasingly important for all levels of the workforce, including C-suite and business leaders, to be data literate.

  • Compete and lead with data. 59 percent of surveyed C-suite leaders consider data and analytics as the most important way to achieve a competitive advantage.1
  • Boost your insight IQ. Only 9 percent of surveyed organizations believe they have a good understanding of performance drivers.1 Reporting Academy is your chance to know more.
  • See past the horizon. More than 70 percent of surveyed organizations are undertaking projects to analyze and integrate data into their decision-making.2 You don’t want to be left behind.

1 2017 Global Human Capital Trends, Deloitte
2 2018 Global Human Capital Trends, Deloitte

What it takes

We bring our knowledge, experience, and real-world methods to your business. You bring an open mind, a collaborative spirit, and your most important business questions.

We’ll work with your C-suite executives and business leaders to identify the strategic capabilities needed to build your organization’s data literacy and work to answer fundamental business questions.

But we don’t stop there. We’ll work with you to identify those individuals responsible for data analytics and report generation to engage them in an immersive learning experience. The process for our data-driven decision-making course fosters capability-building to reinforce continual learning—together and individually:

  • Pre-work. Assesses key business questions and types of reports currently being run.
  • Facilitated learning. Your employees will participate in a multi-day learning experience aimed at using data science to answer key business questions and make decisions.
  • Ongoing learning. Reinforces your capabilities and the knowledge gathered during the Reporting Academy for follow-on learning and implementation.

How the data-driven decision-making learning experience works: Reporting Academy in action

Each Deloitte Reporting Academy module supports the evolution of data literacy, from understanding complex business questions to building a representative story through reports. Its capabilities have been differentiators at organizations like yours:

  • Data acumen is multidisciplinary. Data literacy, business knowledge, and storytelling are all critical to success across business functions.
  • Focus on actions, not just findings. By making data more actionable, you can transform information into actionable insights.
  • Imagine the future. Embrace the future of work by moving beyond standard reporting to providing insights that drive business outcomes.

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