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Unlocking enterprise innovation in the cloud

Explore strategy and blueprinting for health care organizations

As health care organizations move toward the Future of Health, unlocking enterprise innovation and transformation through cloud migration will be the key to success. Moving to the cloud’s resilient, scalable technology platform can open the door to new growth pathways and expand clinical and business value in the process.

The time is now to move to the cloud

A leading health care provider saved $50 million, which is 20% of its total operating budget for annual information technology (IT) spend, by moving its applications and data to the cloud. And these impressive cost savings are just one benefit of the transition. Unlocking enterprise innovation in the cloud is enabling the organization to:

  • Accelerate solution development capabilities and boost organizational agility
  • Support new channels of care, such as at-home diagnostic testing and telemedicine
  • Create digital processes to increase automation and operational efficiencies
  • Leverage advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize diagnoses, treatment planning, patient monitoring, and drug discovery
  • Manage health data in a secure, trusted, automated, and error-free way via next-generation technologies, such as blockchain, enabled by security and privacy-by-design principals
  • Modernize the full suite of applications to provide agile functionality and delivery, and great opportunities to create an insights-driven organization

This is just one example of many showing how moving to the cloud’s resilient, scalable technology platform can spark transformational changes and chart the course to the Future of Health. This article explains why this is the time to move to the cloud, discusses the importance of starting with a cloud strategy and blueprint, and details potential cloud-related challenges and benefits for health care organizations.

Why cloud, and why now?

A confluence of powerful events is creating new business priorities and increasing the urgency of cloud migration. Health care leaders are concurrently facing immediate, red-hot financial, regulatory, and market challenges, which are forcing them to create strategies for a shifting health care market that will look radically different in a few short years.

Challenges and shifts in cloud migration

As health care organizations face important events causing new business priorities and increasing the urgency of cloud migration, the time is now to examine all factors including challenges and big shifts that come with the migration. Elements such as the COVID-19 pandemic, cyberthreats, and consumer demands will continue to influence overall cloud migration for health care organizations as they move toward the Future of Health.

Hot challenges

  • COVID-19
  • CMS rules
  • Cyberthreats
  • Data expansion
  • Capital constraints

Big shifts

  • Consumer demands
  • Future of Health

Savvy health care leaders are looking to the cloud because it provides the performance, speed, affordability, agility, financial transparency, scalability, & security that is essential for organizations to address current challenges and move toward the Future of Health.

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