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AI and big data services, solutions, and capabilities for the pharma industry

Take a closer look at the artificial intelligence solutions, capabilities, and assets Deloitte offers across the life sciences value chain to enable new opportunities, help drive operational efficiency, fuel growth, and bring life-saving therapies to market faster.

AI applications in pharma and life sciences

Artificial intelligence is a key next step in the evolution of life sciences companies and the Future of Health.™ AI-enabled applications, machine learning, and advanced analytics capabilities are already helping companies thrive—and widening the gap between companies that embrace these technologies and those waiting for “the future.” Becoming an AI-fueled organization means using data as an asset across the enterprise in a human-centered and trustworthy way.

Life sciences firms that maximize AI-enabled technologies across the value chain will likely gain a competitive advantage over their peers. At Deloitte, we’re helping clients do just that by:

  • Blending strategy and AI insights to create agile and trustworthy solutions
  • Rethinking business models so that our clients can more easily translate complicated unknowns into predictable outcomes
  • Combining AI-enabled services, a common platform, and modular capabilities so that companies can embed interoperable AI technologies into the fabric of their business and reap value from the data and AI-enabled insights that flow seamlessly across the organization

Our capabilities include CortexAI™, a cloud-agnostic AI development platform with plug-and-play technologies for data, analytics, intelligent automation, and machine learning that helps companies expand their AI capabilities at speed and scale.


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AI in clinical trials

Automating clinical data, from protocol to submission

There’s no shortage of data associated with a clinical trial. But the traditional flow of data across the clinical trial life cycle can become a complicated maze marked by manual effort, rework, and inefficiency. That leaves researchers feeling like they’re working in 2003, not 2021. Deloitte can help companies advance from lagging behind to the leading edge with AI-powered solutions that can:

  • Automate data management across the life cycle by creating structured, standardized, and digital data elements
  • Accelerate clinical trials with an interoperable, intelligent, single source of the truth
  • Intelligently interpret data elements to “feed” downstream systems and auto-populate required reports and analyses
  • Streamline data-gathering and artifact creation tasks for clinical site investigators so they can focus on value-added services like patient engagement
  • Leverage the use of insights to improve the next trial

AI in operations

Improving manufacturing yield and product quality

Biopharma manufacturing data is often scattered across internal and external systems that lack interoperability and consistency. What if companies could leverage AI-based algorithms to predict outcomes and actions that plant leaders could use to achieve next-level efficiencies and insights? Deloitte can help turn “what if?” to “what’s next?”

Using AI-powered manufacturing intelligence services and solutions, we can help manufacturing, operations, and plant leaders:

  • Develop and build AI-based algorithms to process extensive amounts of data
  • Intelligently and contextually aggregate, analyze, and rapidly learn from plant floor, environmental, product, and quality release testing data
  • Predict and recommend actions that improve yield, address quality issues, and release free capacity through suggested and autonomously performed mitigation actions
  • Proactively improve manufacturing performance


Capturing patient- and health care professional (HCP)-generated insights for product development and enhancement

Many life sciences companies have a prime opportunity: Tapping patient and HCP narratives, such as complaints, medical inquiries, and social media posts, to derive product intelligence and improve product development and enhancement. Enter Deloitte. Harnessing AI, we can collaborate with life sciences companies to help:

  • Intelligently mine product information from various sources to capture the “voice of the patient and HCP”
  • Generate actionable insights that can augment decision-making across the value chain
  • Fundamentally change the way companies develop the next iteration of their products
  • Transform data-driven decision-making from “we think” to “we know”


AI in commercial and marketing

Powering omnichannel marketing

As customer preferences evolve and competition heats up, brand engagement has become more important to manufacturers than ever. But many companies struggle to answer the critical questions that can drive ROI on their digital marketing investments: What channels should I invest in? Who should I engage with? And which content is right for them? Deloitte can help. With our cloud-based, AI-powered decisioning and workflow solution, we can leverage clinical and campaign data to help companies:

  • Generate channel spend recommendations to drive campaign ROI, with performance and payback informing future budgets
  • Analyze target personas and predict behavioral responses across various channel-content combinations
  • Align timely marketing messages and behavioral nudges across the customer journey
  • Develop customized content that is relevant, authentic, and based on a holistic view of the patient or HCP

AI in pharmacovigilance

Insights that enhance product safety and improve outcomes

Pharmacovigilance (PV) organizations face a growing volume of adverse event (AE) cases, but today’s manual processes can be time-consuming and costly. Now there’s a way to automate AE processing to help reduce costs and uncover more insights that can improve product safety.

Deloitte’s Cognitive AE intake and processing offers a better way. Part of the ConvergeHEALTH Safety™ platform, this module automates intake and processing to help significantly improve the efficiency and quality of your AE life cycle, with potential benefits that include the following:

  • Reduced cost per case, which helps reduce time spent on repetitive, manual tasks by increasing throughput with automated rule-based and machine-learning models
  • Improved case quality; cognitive AE identifies duplicates, extracts additional case information, and recommends values and confidence scores
  • Prioritized resource allocation made possible by organizations enabled to shift resources to high-value analysis supported by cognitive insights and recommendations
  • Accelerated compliance through Cognitive AE’s ability to quickly route cases to appropriate teams for review based on content

Connect. Converge. Cure.

ConvergeHEALTH creates new health ecosystems to enable the future of health by combining next-generation platforms, deep industry experience, and novel collaboration models that empower the shift to value-based, personalized health care.

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Let Deloitte help you use AI to predict what’s possible, and then translate it into business performance.

Deloitte is collaborating with a broad range of life sciences companies to innovate with AI, analytics, and data technologies that help identify unique advantages with greater accuracy, bring urgently needed therapies to market faster, and more effectively reach patients. We can help expand your company’s AI capabilities at speed and scale. And we bring unparalleled breadth, depth, and a wealth of industry experiences and therapy areas to draw from. Through a business lens, we can also help companies weigh ethical considerations, responsibility, assurance, and accountability.

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