Retain, reengage, and reimagine

Retention requires reimaging work and the work experience

Today, many health care workers are feeling burnt out and frustrated by outdated ways of working. The pandemic accelerated a growing crisis, and care team members are navigating new stressors with little support, leading to talent shortages, burnout, and high attrition. Forward-looking health care organizations now have an opportunity to rethink their talent strategy, optimize the clinical workforce, and reimagine the work of the care team.

Health care workers face multiple workplace challenges, including: long hours, poor working conditions, limited technologies, supply shortages, and safety concerns among others. As a result, 55%1 of front-line health care workers reported burnout with the highest rate (69%) among the youngest staff.

The health care talent shortage continues to grow in severity and results in direct costs to health organizations. To change this narrative, it is critical to consider reimagininge how you design roles and the environment around it.

To balance the quadruple aim of lower costs, better outcomes, improved nurse experience, and improved patient experience, health systems need to make bold moves in reimagining work and redesigning the workforce experience.

Deloitte’s R3 (Retain, Reengage, Reimagine) framework is leading the way in navigating the healthcare talent crisis, identifying and addressing the root causes of pressures with unique and innovative human-centered solutions.

Look to Deloitte to help you retain, reengage, and reimagine the clinicians’ experience. By working together, we can meet today’s urgent needs and shape the future.


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