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Redesigning operating models to unlock ERP benefits

How to transform your organization after ERP implementation

As more organizations turn to enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to stay competitive, it’s critical they have the strategies, capabilities, and talent to support successful transformation. Learn how the right operating model design and organizational structure can enable better ERP benefits during—and after—deployment.

ERP: Enabling future-focused finance

The year is 2025. Your organization has gone through a massive digital transformation, altering your business strategies to accommodate the changing landscape, remain competitive, and attract and retain top talent. With a clear ERP strategy and operating model design in place, you’ve proactively aligned your organization’s capabilities, interactions, and roles to design the “organization of the future.” This process has shifted how you operate, the required employee skills, and site locations.

The year is 2022. A combination of digital forces is leading an evolution across all areas of Finance. Business processes merge human and machine. Agility is integral. New skills across the finance workforce are required. Open talent networks are strengthening. These digital forces, enabled by transformative technologies, are challenging companies to rethink how finance work outcomes are delivered and are enabling the finance function to be more:

  • Touchless
  • Predictive
  • Efficient
  • Real-time
  • Insightful
  • Strategic
  • Centralized
  • Integrated
  • Fortified
Designing the Finance Organization of the Future

To stay competitive in the market, your organization is implementing a full-suite, cloud-based ERP system. Successful and sustainable transformations are supported through organizational and operating model redesign, along with upgraded technology and a workforce equipped with the required skills and capabilities. These upgrades can better enable an organization’s overall digital strategy.

To achieve transformative value, leaders need to transform their organization as well as implement technology.1

Deloitte’s recent Global Shared Services Surveys found most companies achieve up to 15% annual productivity savings from their shared services centers.2 These centers are often helped by more standardized processes and a more streamlined organization design. On top of that, the majority of global shared services organizations are embracing digital transformation solutions like ERP.3

To fully capitalize on ERP investments, Finance may need to reshape its operating model and organization design. Below are the ways you can reach your end goal:

Your next move: Getting started

You’ve seen the 2025 vision. You’re aware of how digital transformations, including ERP implementations, are disrupting Finance and driving transformation of the workforce. These transformations also provide an opportunity to reassess the efficiency and agility of your organizational design to enable the ERP benefits (e.g., automation, scenario-based modeling).

You’re aware of the market. Other companies are making changes to capitalize. We’ve shared the steps for redesigning your organization. Now, it’s time to fully realize the benefits of ERP-enabled finance transformation and capitalize on the investment you have made. Deloitte is here to help. We can work with you to transform your organization and extract maximum value out of your transformation.


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Have questions or looking for help in your ERP-enabled finance transformation journey? Contact one of us below:

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