Emerging Market Entry Strategy

Growing the bottom of the pyramid

Companies are increasingly making emerging geographic markets a centerpiece of their global business models. Leveraging our relationships and experience across the globe, we support our clients to identify efficient and effective strategies for entering and operating in emerging markets.

What we offer

We work with organizations to help identify strategies with consideration to geographic-specific complexities and disregard of a “one-size-fits-all” approach. We work with companies on understanding the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) customer segment and tailoring business models and operating plans to better serve customers in emerging and frontier economies.

Particular areas of focus include: 

  • Assessment of market opportunities and risks
  • Growth at the Bottom of the Pyramid—market entry and market growth strategies
  • Investment attraction and allocation 
  • Engaging a range of stakeholders to design and implement ecosystem changes for private-sector led development

Issue to Impact: Entrepreneurial research and policy development

The Issue:
Understanding the impact of entrepreneurship in Mexico is imperative to economic development in that country. Through a joint collaboration with Omidyar Network, a philanthropic investment firm, and several stakeholders at the regional level in Mexico, Monitor Deloitte carried out a study of the entrepreneurial landscape in Mexico. This project took us to five diverse regions in Mexico to meet and survey more than 500 individuals–including entrepreneurs, government officials, and academics–and organizations in three key segments: traditional entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, and service providers of both types of entrepreneurs, including public sector organizations. Using the region-specific insights from our research we identified leading practices and challenges for promoting economic development through entrepreneurship.

Our Impact:
The policy considerations we provided detailed the specific levers needed to enhance ecosystems of entrepreneurship in Mexico. The goal of these policies is to enable the creation and development of entrepreneurial enterprises designed to have a direct impact on the economic development of the five targeted regions.

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Meet our leader

John Mennel

John Mennel

Managing Director | Social Impact Strategy

John is a managing director focusing on social impact strategies for clients in both the public sector and energy industry. He has extensive experience in private sector development and country compet... More