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Cloud Native applications

The intersection of agile development and cloud platforms

This report presents both a strategy regarding how an organization can adopt an integrated approach into the Cloud Native application life cycle, and how it can effectively realize scale, speed, and resiliency objectives moving forward.


An increased desire for rapid and scalable capability delivery has shifted focus to cloud as an enabler of effective application development and deployment. The integration of agile into a Cloud Native application life cycle process may not consistently allow an organization to more rapidly and reliably develop and scale applications. Product alignment concerns, and a lack of collaboration between operations and development teams, are often the primary culprits in today’s increasingly complex agency environments.

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How can an agency build, deliver, and operate resilient software systems more rapidly, at lower costs, and at scale to meet mission requirements?

The answer may lie in an agency’s ability to adopt an integrated approach combining Agile methods, application architecture decisions, and modifications to an organization’s core IT processes, in addition to organizational and cultural shifts. Agencies should consider alignment of development staff to products, and infrastructure to offerings, optimizing resource allocation. An organization’s capacity to execute these adjustments can significantly improve speed, scale, and resiliency objectives.

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Addressing organizational change

With significant experience across the federal technology portfolio, Deloitte’s Federal Government practice understands the mission, requirements, processes, systems, and operating realities faced by federal agencies in addressing the hurdles of Cloud Native application development and operations. Leveraging coordinated alliance relationships, we offer field-tested insights and industry-leading practices based on the latest technology and business innovations.

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