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Managing change in the public sector

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How do you manage effective change in the public sector? Effective strategies and innovative approaches for communications, culture, and alignment.

Five ways to lighten federal agency regulatory burdens

Authors: Jitinder Kholi, Government Performance leader, and Bruce Chew, Federal Consulting managing director

A top priority for the President, regulatory reform takes center stage. We explore five measures that can help federal agencies successfully reduce regulation and control regulatory costs.

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Customer service in government
Authors: Bruce ChewWilliam D. Eggers
Understanding the importance of customer service in federal government is key to realizing the full potential of the government customer. With the sector's customer satisfaction ratings at an all-time low, we must consider making radical improvements in the government customer experience. So why can't you get there from here? The answer may be simpler than you think.

Communicating a vision statement for transformation
Author: Bruce Chew
When leading a transformation effort you hold a vision in your mind, talk about it frequently, and you’ve even created a Vision Statement. But, are you communicating a vision that can effectively move your organization forward? For government leaders steering a valuable transformation, developing a vision statement and communicating the vision effectively is critical. The leadership’s vision statement should be clear, concrete, compelling, and connected for individuals throughout the organization.

How to keep a big government project from exploding on the launch pad
Author: William D. Eggers
Launching a government initiative successfully can be a challenge. Lessons from past projects—the successes and failures can offer valuable insights on maximizing the chances of a hiccup-free launch.

The secret to successful change
Authors: William D. Eggers, Chip Heath
Making big changes can be difficult—particularly in government. But understanding political leadership and bureaucracy and their attitudes toward change can be a good starting point to drive big changes in government.

Rate of DoD cost overruns declines sharply
Author: Robin Lineberger
Listen: Robin Lineberger, principal, shares insights on how the rate of cost overruns have declined significantly at the Department of Defense.

Three tools for improving the customer experience in government
Authors: William D. Eggers, Greg Pellegrino
The private sector has always known that keeping customers happy is critical to success. How can the government join that school of thought and improve its customer experience?

The customer experience prescription for government
Authors: William D. Eggers, Greg Pellegrino
How can a better customer experience improve government services for constituents? Designing experiences that take user needs into account can go a long way in improving citizen interactions with government.

Putting the custom back into customer experience
Authors: Jason Manstof, Nishita Henry, Greg Pellegrino
Watch: Deloitte's Jason Manstof, Nishita Henry, and Greg Pellegrino share their perspectives on the importance of customer experience in improving government services for citizens and businesses.

What President Trump can learn about reducing regulations from the UK
Author: Jitinder Kohli
Jitinder Kohli, managing director with Deloitte Consulting LLP and former chief executive of Britain's Better Regulation Executive writes on the lessons the Trump administration can learn from the UK government's experience with regulation streamlining.

Three ways Trump can make children safer
Author: Wade Horn
With as many as one million children annually abused and neglected by those who care for them, how can the Trump administration make improvements to child welfare in the country?

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