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Citizens’ demands are rapidly changing, and government customers want interactions to be on par with those they have in the private sector—mobile, innovative, and easy to use. As digital and technology trends continue to evolve, a forward-thinking customer experience strategy can improve citizen engagement and put your agency at the forefront of innovation.

Putting the custom back into Federal customer experience

Federal customer service

Federal managers have confidence in their organization’s customer service programs despite modest progress in improving them, according to “The path to customer-centric service,” a new report by Government Business Council (GBC) and Deloitte. Sixty-seven percent of respondents say their organization provides customer service quality on par with the private sector while 65 percent say it provides a customer experience tailored to its users’ unique needs.

The report is based on a survey, conducted in the spring of 2015, of more than 400 federal managers across all sectors of government. The report indicates that while there is a high degree of confidence in federal customer service, there has been limited progress in taking key steps to improve quality.

View Deloitte’s press release, New report suggests more progress needed in efforts to improve federal government customer service.

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Customer experience in government from Deloitte Insights

Customer experience in government collection
Like many organizations in the private sector, forward-thinking government agencies are realizing that their ability to execute their mission can be linked to their ability to deliver an effective customer experience—to businesses, to citizens, and to their own employees.

Employees as customers: Reimagining the employee experience in government
A focus on improving the customer experience may offer a key to reducing friction costs in government-business interactions.As governments look to build a workforce able to tackle the tough, interconnected challenges of the 21st century, strengthening the government employee experience is particularly critical. By treating employees as customers, agencies have the chance to improve both the employee experience and their own ability to execute their mission.

Compliance without tears: Improving the government-to-business experience
While many businesses may welcome fewer government regulations, what’s often most important to them is simply to spend less time on reporting and compliance.

Rx CX: Customer experience as a prescription for improving government performance
What could happen if government viewed certain public sector challenges through the lens of customer experience? By changing the way people interact with a process rather than focusing solely on the process itself, agencies can broaden the range of available solutions.

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DUP customer experience

“When you look across the federal government, departments and agencies are very diverse when it comes to their cultures, missions, and customers,” said Greg Pellegrino, principal and customer strategy specialist at Deloitte Consulting LLP. “As agencies work to strengthen public confidence and satisfaction with government services, their efforts can benefit from focusing on their customers, everything from how they develop new processes to deploy digital solutions.”

Customer-centric service key findings

Perceptions of customer service quality differ between federal managers and the general public
Sixty-five percent of federal managers indicate that their organization goes above and beyond to deliver a customer experience tailored to users’ unique needs, and 67 percent say their organization’s service is on par with that from the private sector. However, according to leading consumer surveys*, satisfaction with government services is at an eight-year low and the federal government ranks near the bottom in a cross-industry comparison.

The motivation to improve customer service, as well as the obstacles, vary depending on agency mission and constituency
Respondents report that the obstacles to meaningful reform are budgetary, technological, and cultural. Public-service focused respondents are more likely to cite outdated technologies, cultural resistance to change, poor training, and lack of interagency collaboration as challenges.

Many agencies have yet to take key steps to improve service
Less than one-quarter of respondents say their organization uses analytics to define customer segments, uses a customer relationship management system, or aligns incentives with attention to customer-centric service. Further, less than half believe that their organization does a good job soliciting feedback from customers and only 42 percent say their organization uses quantitative metrics to track performance toward customer service goals.


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Modernizing federal customer service

Deloitte Digital customer experience

Retail to Regulator

The Internet’s emergence at the close of the 20th century fundamentally changed the way the US government interacts with citizens, businesses, and other government entities. Improving the quality and efficiency of federal services took on new urgency and promise as leaders rushed to meet expectations fueled by the private sector’s online innovations.

Deloitte has identified a framework to improve citizen customer service that goes far beyond the efforts of the 1990s by remaining how federal departments and agencies view and carry out their missions. This paper provides an overview of our approach, which we call Retail to Regulator™. The paper highlights leading practices of organizations that excel in delivering customer service in the private sector. These practices can be used to improve the citizen customer experience and that they offer a framework for federal departments and agencies to pursue service excellence.

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Deloitte’s capabilities

Our customer experience offering is built on our four principles that incorporate capabilities across strategy, human capital, and technology:

  1. Action segmentation: Segmenting customers into meaningful and actionable groups to better understand their unique needs and preferences
  2. Behavioral influence: Creating meaningful impact by understanding needs, anticipating behavioral triggers, and shaping actions
  3. Design for the future: Deconstructing complex problems and designing solutions from the lens of the customer
  4. Service design and transformation: Aligning organizational operations, resources, and infrastructure to support customer-centric initiatives and organizations

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