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Digital Customer Experience Services

Citizens’ demands are rapidly changing, and government customers want interactions to be on par with those they have in the private sector—mobile, innovative, and easy to use. As digital and technology trends continue to evolve, a forward-thinking customer experience strategy can improve citizen engagement and put your agency at the forefront of innovation.

Reimagining the government customer experience

A human centric approach to the customer experience can transform the way government agencies perceive and interact with the people they serve. We connect deep human and business insights with digital technology to define and shape the government customer experience and how government services are delivered. We help you reimagine the future where government experiences can result in outcomes that can help make lives easier, healthier, more productive and rewarding.

Think of it as adding emotional intelligence to the data-driven insights that inform your customer strategies. Just as digital technology has opened the door to connect with customers as individuals, Deloitte Digital can help you enhance those personal connections with human-centered products, services, and experiences that engage and excite your customers, in all the ways they like - on-screen, voice, virtual and in person.

We work with you to interpret the data, think through design, and creative assets, combining ethnographic insights with agile methodologies to envision, create, test and scale new offerings.

Even if your agency is still finding its way in the digital world, our teams can help you navigate an effective path forward through customer understanding, new models, incredible offerings that your customers will crave, state-of-the-art experiences, and transformational, end-to-end digital strategies.

Deloitte’s capabilities

We help states adopt innovative, customer-focused approaches to customer service transformation while leveraging the latest in technology, including digital and mobile, to build programs and provide flexibility for the variations in the ways government services are delivered. Modernizing, innovating and integrating systems for verifying eligibility and service delivery is more than a chance to drive efficiency and secure funding. It’s an opportunity to transform outcomes for the people you serve.

Our customer experience offering is built on our four principles that incorporate capabilities across strategy, human capital, and technology:

  • Action segmentation: Segmenting customers into meaningful and actionable groups to better understand their different circumstances and preferences
  • Behavioral influence: Creating meaningful impact by understanding circumstances, anticipating behavioral triggers, and shaping actions
  • Design for the future: Deconstructing complex problems and designing services from the lens of the customer
  • Service design and transformation: Aligning organizational operations, resources, and infrastructure to support customer-centric initiatives and organizations

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How to embrace leading government marketing practices and strategies to deliver customer-centric services

The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the importance of digital marketing as consumers were forced to pivot from in-person activities to online. As the government urged people to stay at home and businesses closed their doors, the demand for goods and services available online, like medical appointments, vastly increased. Across a range of industries, both providers and consumers have grown accustomed to the convenience of e-services. Now, people look to the government to offer the same personalized experience, ease of use, and value they find online from their favorite companies.

A government and public sector perspective: 2022 Global Marketing Trends

Customer Experience and Federal Disaster Aid

When individuals and organizations interact with the federal government, they should expect that interaction to work seamlessly. They want the government to deliver an excellent customer experience whether during a pivotal life event or a routine service interaction. For the federal government as well as state, tribal, territorial and local governments, the first step toward effectively delivering federally funded assistance and centering equity in the customer experience (CX) is to understand the needs of individuals, reduce barriers to access, and smooth coordination across federal government service providers.

Streamlining the Federal Disaster Aid Experience

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