Government and Public Services Chief Data Officer Services

Deloitte enables organizations at any stage of maturity to become data-driven through leading insights, data labs, and supporting government data leaders in establishing data offices, and through advise, implement, and operate services across the data lifecycle.

Paths & Services for Expected Results 

  • Identify: Data requirements, data sources, insights, and value
  • Discover & Prep: Assess Risks, and develop the Data and Insights Strategy
  • Design & Build: Manage the data value chain; procure, ingest, and store
  • Launch & Integrate: Develop delivery models, governance, and operations
  • Monitor & Mature: Support, enhance, and scale data and insights services

Detailed Services

  • Data Office Setup & Operations: Establish the business case, organizational vision, operations, and goals of the Chief Data Officer and broader Data Office as a change agent to lead transformation
  • Data Strategy: Collaborate with key stakeholders to define a shared vision for data use and initiate implementation within an organization
  • Data Governance & Management: Support and enable the information and data needs of an organization and the expectation that data will be accessible, accurate, and consistent
  • Data Security, Ethics, & Privacy: Implement data protections and controls to mitigate risks and support organizational responsibility for trustworthy, secure, and transparent data and AI
  • Data Architecture & Platform Modernization: Transform functional architecture, infrastructure, and platforms for better enablement of data usage
  • Data Literacy & Talent Development: Increase organizational capacity, developing program models to enhance data literacy with a common vision that enables continuous learning and addresses change concerns, while engaging and upskilling the workforce
  • Analytics, Automation, & AI: Enable human-like insights, recommendations, and actions by harnessing structured and unstructured data to facilitate mission planning and execution
  • Data Asset Development: Reimagine and transform internal use of data as an asset to find new value from data

About the Government and Public Services CDO

Deloitte’s Office of the Chief Data Officer supports data & AI executives, such as CDOs, in government. With industry knowledge & capabilities in technology, strategy, and analytics, we enable government leaders to tackle organizational data & AI challenges while safeguarding trust & ethics.