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Federal IT modernization

Transforming legacy systems

The time is now. Modernization is the first step in adopting disruptive digital, cyber, and cloud technologies that are driving change across business sectors and government. IT modernization gives agencies the foundation they need to meet dynamic end-user requirements and stand up a modern enterprise. Modernize your legacy systems and transform your experiences.

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The focus on IT modernization should be reversing the dangerous trend of spreading up to 80 percent or more of agency IT funds to maintain aging and insecure legacy systems. By focusing on near-term wins, agencies can help allay fears that modernization efforts will result in large investments from a central fund that don't get paid back for years. Read more about how to accelerate your modernization efforts.

Why shift to IT modernization

For most agencies, core systems have delivered reliable and consistent results for decades. In many cases, however, they have become difficult and costly to maintain. Federal budgets have not kept pace with increasing maintenance costs, limiting investments in new capabilities. What’s more, security vulnerabilities continue to increase risk of exposure. Additionally, as mainframe developers decrease in number, the critical knowledge required to maintain these systems disappears.

Modernization can seem overwhelming, bringing with it significant costs, level of effort, and risk of failure. For some organizations, just the switch from a “green screen” to a modern web user interface (UI) can seem daunting and make cloud, analytics, digital, and other modern capabilities seem unachievable. Federal IT leaders may think they have only two options: 1) maintain the status quo, or 2) conduct an expensive and risky “rip and replace”. Fortunately, there is another way.

Technology Trends 2017: The kinetic enterprise

Macro forces—such as digital, analytics, cloud, core modernization, and the changing role of IT—are at the heart of the technology trends that are fueling innovation and growth in both the private and public sectors. From dark analytics to blockchain to machine intelligence and beyond, the time to start exploring this fast-paced world—and harnessing the value it promises—is now. In this rapidly changing, kinetic environment, effective organizations are embracing changes in technology to reinvent and revitalize themselves.

Explore Technology Trends 2017: A government perspective.

Here’s how to ease into your IT modernization effort

Young programmers do not want to learn old languages. Deloitte Consulting LLP Principal Kyle Cruley sat down with Tom Temin from Federal News Radio to talk about solutions for modernizing legacy systems and how agencies can overcome the barriers to transformation.

Listen to Federal Drive now via Federal News Radio, iTunes, or PodcastOne.

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Transportation agency tackles application modernization

With hundreds of employees and millions of registered vehicles to account for, a state department of motor vehicles naturally relies on high-volume information systems to do its job. Faced with aging systems and multiple platforms, the agency enlisted Deloitte to put more agile operations in place.

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David  Wennergren

David Wennergren

Managing Director | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Dave is a federal technology leader with a focus on government IT modernization and transformation. He has served in numerous high-profile roles across the Department of Defense (DoD) and the federal ... More

Kyle Cruley

Kyle Cruley

Principal – Federal | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Kyle is a principal within Deloitte Consulting LLP and leads their Federal Application Modernization practice, helping government agencies transform legacy systems into modern solutions. He specialize... More