Financial and Administrative Management solutions

New technologies reveal hidden opportunities

Budget cuts and an aging workforce result in fewer government workers with the institutional knowledge required to provide effective services to constituents. By leveraging the appropriate systems, organizations can do more with less. Systems and newer technologies can provide ways to leverage a smaller workforce to provide efficient and effective services through standardized and automated business processes, especially around finance, human resources, budget development, procurement, and grants management.

​Deloitte’s overall solutions include not only technology, but the business processes, change management, and structures that are required to achieve finance, procurement and human resource transformations.

We offer:

  • Financial Management and Reporting
  • Budget Development
  • Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) systems
  • Grants Management
  • Treasury Services
  • Federal-State Administrative “Reciprocal” Offset
  • Bankruptcy
  • Fraud Detection

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Financial Management and Reporting

We bring resources that can improve finance-related processes and utilize modern reporting tools and data warehousing. The combination of the improved processes and tools can be used to help increase efficiency, accuracy, and transparency of financial information, including government-required reporting, such as Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

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Budget Development

As government revenue struggles to keep pace with costs, the need for newer, improved business processes and solutions to help governments determine where to invest their money is magnified. We focus on implementing budget solutions that can help state and local governments achieve their objectives during difficult economic conditions.

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Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) systems

Deloitte can assist state and local governments in implementing a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, improve your existing ERP solution, or completely shift the traditional paradigm by helping our clients evaluate, select and implement a Software as a Service (SaaS) “cloud-based” ERP solution.

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Grants Management

A significant portion of state governments’ budgets include grant funding for both the state and its recipient/sub-recipients. Deloitte has solutions that can improve grants management, from organizational structure and operations to integrated technology solutions and reporting.

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Treasury Services

Many state and local governments have implemented an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, but have not fully utilized the functionality around cash management, debt management, and investment management. Deloitte can help design, improve and implement these important, yet sometimes forgotten financial and treasury management processes.

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Federal-State Administrative “Reciprocal” Offset

The Deloitte Liability Offset Integration Exchange (D.LINX) solution is a single, integrated exchange service that supports federal-state and state-federal payment offset processing for collection of delinquent tax and non-tax government debt. This solution is designed to integrate with the U.S. Treasury Offset Program’s (TOP) systems and is demonstrated to generate significant working capital (cash) through the increased collection of delinquent debt.

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The preconfigured bankruptcy solution provides a mechanism to effectively manage, monitor, and execute bankruptcy-related debts. This solution provides the automated capabilities to reduce staff overhead and identify and manage the life cycle of bankruptcy case through final resolution.

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Fraud Detection

Deloitte’s Fraud Detection solution is a combination of leading technology capabilities, powerful analytics tools, and industry knowledge to identify fraud and potential fraud filings. As a learning model, this solution can redefine the parameters required for the identification of fraudulent activities based on actual results.

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