A Step Into Government Modernization

Digital solutions for state, local, and higher education

State government works best when empowered with modern tools available to serve its citizens. Learn how our digital government transformation (DGx) team collaborates with government agencies to create and drive digital strategies for transformative change.

Becoming digital

The pandemic isn’t the only disruption challenging government agencies—technology shifts, climate change, economic disruption, and supply chain issues are just some of the areas in which governments are striving for greater resilience.

Digital services are rapidly changing the way government is delivering its mission to citizens. While many state, local, and higher education organizations adopted some modern technologies in the past, the pandemic shifted priorities to become more digital. Deloitte’s toolbelt of digital transformation services enable state governments to reimagine their customer experience away from legacy processes and into automated services, supported by functional agility, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and a host of proprietary capabilities. This fundamental shift takes services like tax payment and vehicle registration from in line to online.

A tailored approach to transformation

Digital government transformation helps state, local, and higher education organizations respond to emerging challenges of the 21st century, improve operational outcomes, and ultimately redefine the relationships between government and their customers. Services in each of the six elements can be combined in various ways depending on the organization’s transformation needs.

DGx elements


DGx Strategy services help an organization chart the course for its transformation journey and assess progress along the way.


Customer Experience services focus on capturing and assessing feedback from citizens, employees, and other stakeholders and then translating that feedback into action.


Digital Transformation requires a shift of fundamental operations and business modals that requires going beyond surface-level changes.




One of the most common points of failure for digital transformations is the tendency of many organizations to fall into the trap of merely ‘doing’ digital things, rather than fundamentally reengineering their operations and culture to truly become digital enterprises.


Achieving transformation often involves generating, developing, evaluating, and ultimately scaling promising new solutions in pursuit of an organization’s future state ambitions.


Governance services enhances enterprise decision-making by clarifying roles and responsibilities, providing portfolio insights, and formalizing partnerships.



Deloitte has led successful engagements with a variety of state, local, and higher education agencies across these domains, including:

  • Conducted a 10-week quantitative and qualitative assessment to analyze the feasibility, benefits, and employee sentiment of a remote-work operating model for a state Medicaid agency.
  • Developed a 25-year Future of Mobility plan for a city transportation agency, inherently based on the latest technology trends, empirical analysis, and direct user feedback, which guided billions of dollars of investment toward areas that will optimize mode choice and increase regional sustainability.
  • Scaled state government digital program to more than 8 million users, enabling constituents to easily present proof of COVID vaccine and/or a negative PCR test.
  • Provided an application risk management framework that helped standardize the risk classification and management processes of applications, giving a city government more structure and readiness over cyberthreats.

Why Deloitte?

While we have vast experience supporting an array of digital transformation projects, it’s only a small subset of our broader capabilities. Our Government & Public Services team of more than 20,000 professionals brings a fresh perspective to help you anticipate disruption, reimagine the possible, and fulfill your mission promise.

We also have a broad network of proprietary capabilities that can help take your digital transformation to the next level:

GovConnect: A Deloitte tool of solutions and accelerators designed to address common challenges faced by governments and higher education organizations.

Digital DNA Toolkit: A capability that assesses an organization’s Digital DNA, with the goal of implementing minimum viable changes (MVCs) to infuse essential digital traits into our clients.

Future of Work: At Deloitte, we’re ready to help clients humanize the future of work, elevate the workforce, and foster the environment needed to realize their full potential and the businesses’ desired outcomes.

Candidate 360: A predictive analytics solution that combines integrated client and Deloitte proprietary lifestyle data, AI and machine learning predictive models, interactive dashboards, and advice from Deloitte’s higher education specialists to help institutions achieve recruiting and enrollment.

Ready to start your digital transformation journey? Contact us to learn more.

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