Integrated Multi-Cloud Management Solutions for Government

Governments are struggling with an approach to managing multiple clouds which avoids silos, while maintaining efficiency, security, and transparency. Deloitte’s comprehensive suite of integrated multi-cloud management solutions can help federal, state, and local governments address those concerns while securely and efficiently administering data, applications, and digital services across a wide range of cloud platforms.

Multi-cloud: The challenge, the solution, the possibilities

Multi-cloud: The challenge, the solution, the possibilities

Multi-cloud is an emerging priority and focus for federal, state, and local government agencies to provide more robust services to their hybrid workforce. Deloitte’s Government Cloud practice has expanded its multi-cloud capabilities to help governments see their mission through cloud.

Deloitte Government & Public Services Cloud leaders weigh in on what multi-cloud success looks like

One cloud does not fit all: Building, managing, and securing multi-cloud environments

Our cloud specialists dive deep into the various facets of designing, building, and securing cloud environments with respect to design and architecture, management and operations, and cloud security.

Multi-cloud: A powerful tool or a fall back to stove-piped systems?

The rapid pace of cloud adoption in government has IT leaders thinking about multi-cloud and what it means for their agency. We outline key considerations for developing a sound multi-cloud approach, such as strategy, governance, and workforce transformation.





Key considerations for developing a multi-cloud strategy

A sound multi-cloud implementation addresses the strategy and governance that will chart the course for multi-cloud, the management and operations, the security, and the transformation of the workforce to operate it. Each of these elements raise numerous questions for government IT leaders.


Managing multi-cloud environments

Government and program leaders are often embarking on the cloud journeys with partial or siloed cloud architectures, security frameworks, and operating models while training and adoption support have not scaled to keep up with demands. As a result, agencies have realized that their users and applications are now spread across several clouds without the means to coordinate consistently for the transparency, security, or management of these environments.

  • Approach
    Start with discovery of cloud, landing zones, and standards and evolve towards a single management plane that concurrently spans multiple clouds.
  • Blind spots
    Easy access to critical metrics that evaluate the agency’s IT does not exist. “Shadow IT” has created blind spots which prevent agencies from making well informed business decisions.
  • Security fog
    Outdated security policies do not align to the current cybersecurity environment or account for infrastructure abstracted through software and virtualization.
  • Management chaos
    Agencies have migrated applications to multiple clouds – public and private. These applications and VM instances belong to different business groups, which often do not follow consistent processes or governance.

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Kate Abrey

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Thomas Beck

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Doug Bourgeois

Managing Director | Deloitte Consulting LLP

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