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Solving the Country’s Opioid Crisis

Collaboration at every level

Opioid abuse has quickly grown into a major public health crisis in the US and can impact an entire community’s ecosystem. One way to respond is with an ecosystem approach and collaboration across hospitals, social services, law enforcement, schools, and community groups to fight the opioid epidemic. There is a role for everyone to help combat the opioid abuse crisis and to intervene, heal, and prevent. But, it is going to take all hands on deck.

Ridding our communities of substance misuse and addiction will take more than one bill, or one budget, or one program... It’s going to require constant aggressive teamwork from Beacon Hill to our communities.

– Governor Charlie Baker

Source: https://blog.mass.gov/governor/opioid-addiction/governor-baker-signs-landmark-opioid-legislation-into-law/​

Strategies for stemming the opioid epidemic

The opioid crisis in the United States continues to reverberate across society. While a holistic solution remains elusive, health plans and pharmacy benefit managers are evolving their use of data analytics and technology to improve prevention and treatment among their members and in their communities.

Read, “Strategies for stemming the opioid epidemic.”

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Fighting the opioid crisis

Health and criminal justice organizations aren’t the only ones who should involve themselves in solutions for opioid abuse. Here’s how they can join forces with innovators, technologists, and experts beyond traditional stakeholder groups to help fight the US opioid crisis.

Read, "Fighting the opioid crisis: An ecosystem approach to a wicked problem."

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Health Forward Blog

The Health Forward Blog explores breaking news and developments in the US health care industry, examines key issues facing life sciences and health care companies and provides updates and insights on policy, regulatory, and legislative changes.​

Read, "Collaboration at every level: Solving the country’s opioid crisis."

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How to help reverse the opioid epidemic

One and a half times as many people die of drug overdoses as die in vehicle accidents. Here is how analytics can tackle the opioid catastrophe.​

Read, "How to help reverse the opioid epidemic."

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President signs opioid crisis legislation

The president addresses substance use disorders
President Trump signed the SUPPORT Act, a new law which makes numerous changes to Medicaid, Medicare, the Food and Drug Administration, and adds many new provisions to federal public health and prescription monitoring programs.

Read, President signs opioid crisis legislation: The president addresses substance use disorders.

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Prescribing treatment for the opioid epidemic: Joint public-private initiatives take shape

Opioid abuse is quickly growing into a major public health crisis in the US. With the problem now receiving focused attention from many government stakeholders, what is being done? The latest Dbriefs discusses:

  • How data analytics tools help health care providers connect critical health information across systems
  • Collaborative ecosystems where creative solutions are being developed across sectors by businesses, non-profits, and government agencies
  • Innovative health care models being developed and deployed to provide more integrative care
  • New guidelines from public health organizations that provide health care providers with specific direction on prescribing and care management approaches

Explore these emerging trends and discuss the implications for employers, health care providers, and government officials by viewing the recent Dbriefs webcast below.


How community funding hubs can help combat the opioid epidemic

Insights to action
The financial infrastructure of a hub could allow community organizations to collaborate more effectively in their fight against the opioid epidemic, and scale evidence-based interventions tailored to their own community’s needs.

Read the blog, “How community funding hubs can help combat the opioid epidemic.”

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Infographic: Prescribing treatment for the opioid epidemic

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