State of Wisconsin: Department of Administration Contract 505ENT-O17-SALESFORCE-04, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Salesforce Implementation Services Master Services Agreement

Together, the Deloitte and Salesforce alliance has helped our clients solve complex problems with innovative solutions integrating Salesforce with application platforms around the globe.

Designing and implementing solutions on the Salesforce platform

Deloitte1 has extensive experience in designing and implementing solutions on the Salesforce platform, including many for public sector clients across North America. Our experience includes licensing and permitting, case management, and technical architecture and planning solutions for state departments of health and human services, administration, and public safety.

As one of Salesforce’s Top Global Strategic Alliance Systems Integration Partners2, we have delivered over 1,000 successful Salesforce implementations to enterprise clients worldwide, with an average customer satisfaction rating of 9.71/10. Further, we are named a global leader in customer relationship management (CRM) and customer experience services based on completeness of vision and ability to execute by Gartner3.

Deloitte is also a leader in assisting clients in establishing a Center of Excellence (COE). The COE model employs agile methodology to develop a scalable, enterprise-level operating model for Salesforce implementation, using industry leading practices for sustainable success and lasting transformation.

What does COE mean for Wisconsin state government? It means the state and its agencies could drive multiple small, medium, and large initiatives concurrently with reduced time to value, improved quality, and fewer resource requirements (which helps cut down on overall cost).

Our capabilities, combined with our deep industry experience, allow us to deliver full-service, accelerated solutions to the state of Wisconsin while helping to reduce both time to market and costs of building, testing, integrating, and managing applications.

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DOA MSA contract overview

Deloitte is pleased to be able to provide services to state and local government agencies under the Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) Salesforce Implementation Services Master Services Agreement (MSA). This contract vehicle can benefit users by eliminating the request-for-proposal requirement and accelerating service delivery via this fully completed contract mechanism. Deloitte is one of five vendors approved to perform services under this MSA.

Deloitte has a recognized, Wisconsin-based team with a 23-year history of collaboration and innovation with the state, consistently achieving success on projects of diverse size and scope. From our joint stewardship of the Client Assistance Re-employment and Economic Support (CARES) enterprise system, to our role providing key program management, policy analysis, and operational support services on the Wisconsin eHealth Program, we continue to work with you to solve complex business challenges in order to serve the residents of Wisconsin.

Please refer to the Salesforce Implementation Services MSA VendorNet page to find additional information about this MSA and the services covered.

Contract specifics:
Contractor: Deloitte Consulting LLP
Contract Number: 505ENT-O17-SALESFORCE-04, Deloitte Consulting LLP

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Services offered

Project management

Deloitte has turned decades of implementation experience with hundreds of clients, with many different products, and in a wide variety of industries from around the world, into a methodology called Enterprise Value Delivery (EVD), which allows us to bring valuable experience to Wisconsin. Project management capabilities within EVD are rooted in the Project Management Institute Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and the Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) model, both of which define its foundational framework.

Our EVD approach is mature and flexible in both content and approach. EVD embodies our core values of consistent delivery, quality service, and measurable value and helps us to bring a demonstrated and tested approach to Wisconsin Authorized Users.

Business analysis

In our 23-year collaboration with the state of Wisconsin, Deloitte has worked to not only deliver industry-leading systems, including Wisconsin CARES, but also leading business analysis and transformation services. Our team’s understanding of the state’s core business needs, the talented resources we staff, and the tools we bring to facilitate business transformation shows Deloitte’s commitment to working with Wisconsin to achieve its goals and implement its vision.

In a Salesforce context, our EVD for Salesforce methodology integrates core business process analysis skills into the overall design of a solution. As an extension of this method, we are able to better anticipate business needs related to the complex regulatory and policy environments in which Wisconsin Authorized Users operate and engage subject matter specialists from our national pool of over 3,700 state government practitioners in the design process.

Implementation services

EVD for Salesforce is a single, comprehensive implementation method aligned with industry standards that presents a robust collection of work products and guidance, including deliverable templates, sample deliverables, and accelerators organized by project phase and discipline. Disciplines within EVD for Salesforce, which are a high-level grouping of related tasks across phases, help address areas of an implementation while promoting quality and adding value.

EVD helps a project focus on value and results, manage risks, and maintain the project schedule and budget. We are confident that the use of EVD in Wisconsin will help lower risks, drive business transformation, and implement the Salesforce system effectively. EVD also provides a reusable implementation methodology that can be applied to future deployments for other Salesforce projects.

Our use of the EVD framework and tools have been further refined to include the specifics related to the Salesforce solutions. The structured approach to Salesforce projects helps to create and execute on a plan that is designed to meet the specific objectives and timing for a Salesforce implementation project.

EVD for Salesforce identifies the multiple types of work required to execute a project as disciplines. These disciplines are used to organize the tools and guidance in the method, describing the processes, templates, and others relevant to different streams of the project at each stage. The diagram below outlines the EVD.

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Wisconsin Authorized Users can benefit from our Salesforce implementation accelerators including Salesforce EVD methods and other pre-built intellectual properties (IPs) to expedite the design process. Our pre-configured accelerators for public sector, which include businessCONNECT, citizenCONNECT, and caseCONNECT, can help reduce design time, which enables faster time to implementation and reduces risk.


Our architecture, administration, and development services include:

  • Executing solution architecture governance processes
  • Developing and supporting the use of the Salesforce delivery methodology
  • Driving application design and development processes
  • Review as a service to provide leading practices coding review
  • Test as a service to provide automated regression test suit
  • Deployment as a service to provide initial development stack including code repository, and continuous integration
  • Supporting integration of Salesforce solutions with the wider architecture
  • Collecting and propagating Salesforce leading practices across all phases of the SDLC
  • Providing controls for solutions to meet security guidelines
  • AppExchange vendor selection and management
  • Supporting Salesforce environment and release management
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Business experience

One of the key ways in which Deloitte contains the cost of Salesforce implementation projects is the use of standard project tools and Salesforce development accelerators throughout the solution architecture design process.

Using leading practices and Salesforce development tools we have honed over the course of our 10 years of successful Salesforce implementations, we increase the efficiency with which projects are delivered and solutions are designed, allowing our team to begin work quickly and propose pre-configured solutions that help minimize the need for customized Salesforce development.

Our implementation approach maximizes the use of the Salesforce platform’s declarative configuration capability, minimizing the need to create custom code to develop feature-rich solutions.


In Deloitte’s long history of Salesforce implementations, we have developed an extensive collection of integration patterns on a wide variety of platforms. Our experience spans cloud-based integrations and on-premise solutions. Deloitte has successfully implemented Salesforce for numerous clients and we have a dedicated team of certified and highly experienced Salesforce practitioners that are globally connected.


Across all of our EVD methods, the design and development work is conducted in sprints, with testing conducted concurrently to the extent possible. An integrated, end-to-end test phase is conducted at the conclusion of all sprints and a release is deployed. Projects may have multiple releases in some cases. How we test, and the order of those tests, varies depending on the needs of the project and client.


Business transformation of any size requires significant experience with large-scale training and change management projects in support of technology adoption. Deloitte was named a worldwide leader in organizational4 and change management consulting5 by IDC, core components of the Human Capital practice of Deloitte Consulting LLP. Our approach infuses change management with innovation based on a solid foundation of theory and experience.

Additionally, Deloitte recognizes that training is a critical element to a successful implementation and helps position staff to successfully adopt new processes and technologies. We combine the training experience of Deloitte’s Human Capital practice and Salesforce experience to create a comprehensive training program. Through the development and delivery of high-quality training, Deloitte offers a training approach that incorporates leading practices and lessons learned from other implementations to fully support Wisconsin Authorized Users.

Our training approach spans four main phases: assess/design, develop, deploy, and evaluate. It is a tested approach to thoroughly and successfully develop a comprehensive and blended learning experience. The following figure summarizes the main of activities and responsibilities of our training approach for Salesforce implementations.

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How to place an order

The process:

Once an Authorized User has identified a potential need for Salesforce implementation support, we encourage you to reach out to one of our contacts listed below to discuss. Based on our team’s Salesforce experience, we can provide some initial guidance on how to frame the scope of work, and assist you with completing the statement of work template if desired.

Our contract and rate card information can be found on VendorNet.

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Contact information

For more information, or to discuss a potential project or request, please contact:

Russ Pederson
Wisconsin lead consulting principal
Deloitte Consulting LLP
+1 608 807 3507

Sucha Kukatla
Deloitte Consulting LLP
+1 312 593 7609

Kort Crosby
Salesforce sales executive
Deloitte Consulting LLP
+1 708 860 3982

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1 As used in this document, “Deloitte” means Deloitte Consulting LLP, a subsidiary of Deloitte LLP. Please see for a detailed description of our legal structure. Certain services may not be available to attest clients under the rules and regulations of public accounting.

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4 IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Organizational Consulting Services 2015 Vendor Assessment by Cushing Anderson, August 2015, IDC #258551

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