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2019 Health Care Regulatory Outlook

Changes in health care laws and regulations

Gain industry insight into key health care regulations and updates that companies should be tracking and addressing in 2019.

Rethink and recalibrate: 2019 health care regulatory trends

Health care stakeholders can expect 2019 to be a year of significant regulatory activity. The Trump administration continues to use the rule-making process to advance some of its key health care priorities. The flurry of regulatory activity from the administration in the final months of 2018 demonstrates the administration’s continued efforts aimed at driving greater adoption of value-based care, addressing rising prescription drug prices, and expanding health coverage options, especially in the individual health insurance markets.

We’ve provided a projection of the key regulatory trends health care companies will likely need to monitor and manage this year. If organizations can take the time to rethink and recalibrate to business disruptions early, they may be able to stay ahead of changes and accelerate performance to better navigate the regulatory landscape.

Select a topic below to learn more about the health care regulations we’re tracking for this year. We’ll be updating each topic with new thought leadership and content throughout the year, so you can explore trends and insights as they develop.

This publication is part of the Deloitte Center for Regulatory Strategy Americas’ annual, cross-industry series on the year’s top regulatory trends. To learn more about regulatory challenges and opportunities in other industries, visit the Regulatory Outlook Homepage.

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