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2020 Health Care Regulatory Outlook

Exploring the changes in health care laws and regulations

Understand the regulatory issues and imperatives facing the health care industry in 2020.

2020 health care trends center on regulatory changes

With the increasing prevalence of technology around the globe, the status quo is no longer an option. The health care industry should continue evolving its approach to keep up with the myriad challenges it is facing. Regulatory, legal, and compliance functions are being asked to do more with less while grappling with new and emerging challenges. More important are the opportunities: Health care organizations that take a broad view of regulatory risk management can find efficiencies that lead to streamlined and rationalized programs.

Regulators, both domestic and foreign, are focused on data privacy protections to mitigate the risks that result from improper collection, handling, storage, and use of data. Against this backdrop, health care organizations must continue to modernize and rationalize their regulatory, legal, and compliance risk management programs so they can meet applicable health care laws and regulations, as well as oversee and monitor expectations in a sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective way.

Select a topic below to learn more about the health care regulatory issues we’re tracking for 2020. We’ll be updating each topic with new thought leadership and content throughout the year, so you can explore trends and insights as they develop.

This publication is part of the Deloitte Center for Regulatory Strategy Americas’ annual, cross-industry series on the year’s top regulatory trends. To learn more about regulatory challenges and opportunities in other industries, visit the Regulatory Outlook Homepage.

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