Initial Public Offering (IPO) Advisory Services

Readiness. Risk management. Insights.

The market for Initial Public Offerings has never been more complex or challenging. Our IPO Advisory Services team provides the end-to-end, “turn-key” solutions and strategies your organization needs through the IPO process. Our tools and methodologies help companies mitigate transaction risk and compress execution timelines so you can stay focused on your company and investors. Are you ready?

Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory aids businesses with IPO readiness by assisting in evaluating and implementing the requirements for going public and reporting as a public company. Below are some considerations for your IPO journey.

Preparing for your IPO

IPO areas of focus

Strategies for going public and being public

The market for IPOs can be volatile. Favorable conditions for going public can vanish as quickly as they arise. Careful pre-IPO planning is critical. The plan must consider the tasks and the timing of the tasks required to go public and operate in public. The company must be prepared to perform in the glare of the public spotlight.

For privately held companies, "being public"–choosing to act as a public company–may yield tangible, financial value regardless of whether or not there is an IPO in the works. The preparation that goes into being public provides a strong foundation for managing the company well and may produce the benefits of:

  • An effective and efficient finance function
  • Improved decision-making support
  • Value driving internal controls
  • Risk mitigation

If you are considering taking your company public, or playing a role in an initial public offering, consider the impact on all areas of the company to create the competence, confidence, and performance to maximize the value of the IPO.

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