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Attribute planning

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In this episode, Deloitte’s Steve Harrison and Ken Gerstel provide a snapshot of the CARES Act net operating loss (NOL) tax provisions and the opportunity for businesses to monetize. Steve and Ken highlight some of the limitations of NOL carrybacks and how to determine the best approach for your company.

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Tax podcast: Attribute planning

June 3, 2020

With the recently enacted CARES Act allowing taxpayers to tap into cash refunds all the way back to 2013, companies are seeing a lot of opportunities to monetize losses. While that sounds simple, the decision-making and planning process surrounding it is a bit more complex.

In this episode, Deloitte’s Steve Harrison and Ken Gerstel explain the nuances of the revised NOL rules and how executives should be thinking about this tax relief benefit.

So part of what needs to happen is really evaluating the corporate history that I’ve built up from 2013 to today, and in doing so, determine what losses do I have that can be carried back and accessed.

—Steve Harrison

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